Day 9 & Am I Turtle-ee enough for your Geo-Club?

Day 9 AM I Turtle-ee enough for your Geo-Club? This is a cute cache with turtle SWAG and a DGS keychain for the FTF. This cache will take you near a horse stable with beautiful views of the mountains. We named it after a popular older movie and asked finders to list their favorite character in the movie, do you know what movie inspired this cache? Cache Runners FC claimed their first ever FTF on this cache. Congrats!  We are a bit alarmed it 20 minutes til midnight and they are the only finders. What has happened to all of those in the race for the STREAKER AWARD?
For our daily souvenir find we had a blast. We waited for Balkamper13 to get off work (8pm) and after a day of shopping for school uniforms we needed this fun surprise. It was not a large cache but held as much fun as most big caches. It was a cache by w16 called It cost $1.50. It has been found 8 times and has 4 favorite points. Not a bad ratio. McAwesome tried getting the cache with his shoes on and slid all the way down the pole and landed on his back…almost an ER cache. So he took his shoes off and took off after the cache! We had so much fun! Thanks w16. Awesome hide.
Happy Streaking, come on streakers pick up the slacking!
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