Today is the dozen Geocache a day mark. We are 12 for 12 and having a blast. Getting super excited because our best hides are yet to come! Today we hid Day 12 Diamonds in the Rough WOW…there has been 12 logs on this one so far. We have never put out a cache and had 12 finds in one day…looks like we need some more Streaker Awards. Weird, 12 logs on day 12…weird. This was a a cache filled with diamonds (real) Just kidding really fake diamonds, You would think they were real with the number of finders. Congrats to coppercougar and G & C Lost'N'Found. They shared to FTF and       G & C Lost’N’Found was super nice and gave FTF prize to coppercougar. day12.3

     Our Souvenir of the day was a favorite point worthy letterbox hybrid called Leapin' Leprechauns by the beautiful and talented madambutterfly1822. It was a bit of a drive but we decided we wanted a good cache for our 12th day so we headed out hoping to get lucky and find this cache and we did. It was a darling letterbox hybrid cache with a resident leprechaun inside of it. The letterbox materials were in excellent condition and we loved it!


Happy Streaking, we hope you are 12/12. The Streaker Award contest keeps growing. Looks like a lot of people are going for the award. We are also going to give away a few extra awards for accomplishments along the way to 31.day12.2

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