For day 30 of our geocache hiding streak we placed a cache called DAY 30 ITS A VINE DAY TO FIND A CACHE GC4M6HE. While this was not our most creative geocache hide it was still a good one. The container was a nice sized plastic jar we picked up at the local dollar store. 
     We were running out of hiding spots but just happened to see these great vines while dropping Jax off at school one day. These made for some very VINE coverage and camo for the cache. Inside we stocked the bottle full of great swag items like bouncy balls, micro cache DNA tubes, and some misc. other items. Believe it or not TNTsnow did not get the FTF on this one. The FTF race today was won by GaldaGeos. We were stoked to see they finally got the chance to be the first ones there. We have loved watching the FTF races on this series. It has been fun reading about how everyone gets to meet up and chat with each other. Well we are sorry we are going to have to cut this post short. We have a ton of preparations to do to finish the DAY 31 hide and get things ready for the The Streakers Ball. We will get a better post up tomorrow when we have a little more time to write. Thanks to all of you great readers and followers for checking us out.
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