Cache Scene Investigator Cache Series!
Episode #1 You haven't seen the last of me, Case File 
GC3VK4P hidden at Eye DR. Office
We have decided to start our blog up. I had tried this before and it didn't work, so I had my wonderful Mother help me get started again and we are looking forward to sharing our caching adventures with everyone. We are addicted to caching and do not want and intervention...we love it and hope you will find joy in our passion for caching. 
So the above photo is a pic of our first hide in our CSI cache series. At the end of the series we will hide a final and the first cacher to find all of these crime scenes will get a special award. All of the hides are listed as dump sites and the clues are similar to CSI dialog. Look it up...GC3VK4P So far 3 cachers have solved this crime scene and the cache has 3 favorite points. This has made us so happy. 
After each one is published I will share the Cache Scene.

Geo Cache Challenge

Cacheseekers! First Challenge before teaming up with Balkamper13

This was an old post from a blog I started and could not remember how to access it again. We were able to pull this entry from it and add it to our new Blog. We did this challenge with out a GPS and it was one of our first lessons in Geocaching. We completed our first geocache challenge, we located this rare 10 commandments statue, we have gone past it countless times and it was fun to figure out where it is. It is located in front of a bar just less than one mile from our house. We are ready for our next challenge.