GC4J09B "Tot" I AM YOUR FATHER is by far the finest cache we have placed in this series. We finally had some extra time to get some creative hides together. We are certain this will be a favorite point worthy cache. It is hidden well and next to a LPC, we think most cachers will automatically look under the LPC. That is why we urge cachers to leave the light and enter the dark side! We hope you all enjoy day 5. Looks like a newbie but a goodie, bottlecapp scored the FTF on this one. He adds a lot to the game and always leaves green army guys and bolltle caps. He was there like light speed! Way to go, bottlecapp is determined to get all 31hides in the Streaker contest,  he really wants a Streaker Award. CONGRATS bottlecapp.  So far he is in the lead with RN&terrier right behind. day5.1day5
We kept streaking and found Frosty's little brother GC4J0E6 a great cache by ryshkepr. We also claimed our 3rd FTF during this 5 day streak. It was also the first cache we awarded a favorite point to. LOVE IT! My favorite part was our new path tag! Ryshkepr caches are always ones we stop, drop and rush for. This cache was so cute. He made it look like the name and had it hidden pretty well. We took some pictures of our adventure.
Happy Streaking….Day 5 down. If anyone has any streaking stories they want to share please send over to we would love to share!
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