Happy Free Trackable E14 Mail...
Ok time to admit a simple pleasure, Getting mail from Groundspeak. Every time I get mail from HQ it usually includes a fun trackable or good news about Balkamper13 being honored as Geocacher of the Month. Either way I Love it. Looks like we were one of the lucky 1,500 cachers to sign up in time for the Element 14 Circuit Board Trackable.    
How many LiveLove Cache.com  readers got one? We know a lot of you read the original post Another Free Trackable , We had our highest page views on that post, Thank YOU! We would love to see how many did sign up in time. If you did not get in on the original mailing, you can still play and have fun Goto Find Trackable on Element 14  and look for one near by, then follow the steps below.
Step 1: .  Find one of 1,500 element14 trackable circuit boards               
Step 2: Use the element14 “Atlas of Scientific Achievements” to find a geocache near a landmark. If you know of scientific landmarks that we don’t have on our map, please add them. Either way, start or continue the circuit and put the trackable in a geocache.          
Step 3: Take a selfie with the trackable to show your hard work and claim credit!
Upload and share it on element14’s
Facebook, @element14, Google+ or the element14 Community. Use the hashtag #ConnectedWorld
Update on Geocaching Road Trip '15
               Geocaching Road Trip '15


We are excited to announce, our next post will feature a guest blogger and a CONTEST!
Please let us know about your Souvenirs' and your E14 trackable!

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