Day 29 & GC4M47D

Happy 3 days before the Streakers Ball. We are so excited…been working hard every night to get it all ready. Got the Vistaprint package today! WOOT WOOT…having super hard time not posting pictures of the goodies! Finished the gift bags tonight and worked on Day 31….that one is taking some time! Will be worth it! Can’t believe we are already to the end of the month.
For our hide today we hid a variation of the typical fence post cap. There were a few logs surprised with the size of the cache. Day 29 Topping it off was not out long before Tntsnow claimed the FTF…third day in a row. Not bad for the new guys! WAY TO GO…love how you have been bit by the FTF bug…we have been as well!
Superbee placed a cache named I think of Gotwings. This little cache kept our streak alive! THANK YOU! We were just happy to find one that was a good easy find so we could get home and work on the ball.
Hope everyone is ready for the ball….what are you all wearing? KA7EII is excited to not have to worry about what to wear!
Happy Streaking…we are almost done!
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