Day 27 & GC4KZKW

     I am in disbelief that we are already to day 27 of the 31 days of geocaching. Wow time flies when you are having fun! For day 27 we did not pull out any frills or anything fancy, even the name is plain DAY 27 ............. We took a smiley face container and taped some earth magnets in it and put it under a power box in a park. Tntsnow scored the FTF on day 27….. I think they might be in the FTF lead for this series. I love how everyday there are logs about cachers meeting at GZ. Kreative wire even involved his doggie…
     Our find today was a close call we were heading home from hiding day 28 and had to find a cache on the way that we have not found…luckily The Simpsons out a cache called XOXOXO's - (Hugs & Kisses) for Marlene. We didn’t get any pictures due to muggles near by. Still a great way to keep our streak alive. Thanks Simpsons.
     We are putting together the final list of those whom have earned the STREAKER AWARD and we are getting some fun things together for the Streakers Ball! It is going to be a blast! We are so excited! Thanks to all of you that have made this month so memorable for us! Don’t forget we will be revealing a special deal from Exmans Exchangeables on path tags. day26.3
Happy Streaking!
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