I normally wouldn't cut and paste information, however this is a time sensitive post. There is a new free trackable available and you must act now only 1500 available. Click on link below and in the top left corner there is a place you can request your trackable. You must create an account at Element14 first. HURRY Stop reading and go now. Request away, would love our readers to get a few and share stories. I will update after this is posted so you get a chance at a trackable!
"Become a Circuit Design Engineer and help create a Connected World!
By connecting engineers, makers, educators and inventors to powerful ideas and the latest technologies, the element14 Community helps you to create solutions to everyday problems. We help you to make the extraordinary from the ordinary.
Now it is your turn! We have a project and you can help us to get it going!
We need your help to make connections between geocaches using the circuit board trackables, with them you will create virtual paths that bridge between geocaches and join together Scientific and Engineering landmarks of interest as shown on our “Atlas of Scientific Achievements”. These paths showing the journey of the trackables will become a virtual circuit connecting the world!
  • Step 1: Find one of 1,500 element14 trackable circuit boards.
  • Step 2: Use the element14 “Atlas of Scientific Achievements” to find a geocache near a landmark. If you know of scientific landmarks that we don’t have on our map, please add them. Either way, start or continue the circuit and put the trackable in a geocache.
  • Step 3: Take a selfie with the trackable to show your hard work and claim credit!
    Upload and share it on element14’s Facebook, @element14, Google+ or the element14 Community. Use the hashtag #ConnectedWorld "
Happy Caching, Good Luck

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