Day 10 & 11


     Wow what an awesome weekend!  We are 11/11 with 6 FTF’s.  We hope you are all still on track for 31/31. We spent the day at an amusement park and we are still recovering from all of the fun.
     We left Lagoon at 11PMish and had to race to a cache. We found GC3VQ0 Going through the Jungle by bossmanron. It was a cute little micro and much appreciated due to almost missing our souvenir for the day.
     For day 10 we hid Day 10 Holy Chunk of Tree Poop. This was a fun hide we took a HUGE pinecone and inserted a container in the bottom for the cache. It is a pine tree cache but a super cool one at that.
     Day 11 we put out Day 11 Sneaky Snakes. It is a lock and lock filled with snake swag. It is also sneaky because it is 530 feet from day 10. We were sneaky snakes hiding this one.
     Today started off with a cool FTF. It was a cache by smakjabber he is a newbie with only 8 finds and his first hide. He did a great job on  One Cache to Rule Them All. It was themed after Lord of the Rings and the FTF prize was a ring like the ones in Lord of the Rings. It was a great cache! Thanks so much smakjabber!
     We are also so excited our Streakers Ball event was published. It is Sept 1st @ 11:30am until when ever. We made a deal with All-star Bowling (formerly Planet Play) for $5 pizza buffets and half price play cards. We will be presenting the Streaker Awards for everyone that “Stuck it out for 31 days” of geocaching! Hope to see you all there!
Happy Streaking!
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