On The Verge of 2 Million Cache Hide Contest


I stumbled upon this contest from a blog we follow called It's Not About The Numbers. This news has my mind focused on the 2 millionth hide! Once I watched the video and heard the estimated date of the 2 millionth hide is Feb 23rd, that is all I can think about. It would be beyond the feeling of solving a tough puzzle or finding a 5/5 cache to be the owner of the 2 millionth cache. It might even be better than a CSI #5. Ted and I have our sights set on this challenge, because it is such a big deal we are teaming up with some of the best cachers in Utah; Ryshkepr & G & C Lost'N'Found to try and hide the 2 millionth cache. You know with the help of those two the caches will be fun!

  1. Subscribe to mngeocaching to be eligible to enter. Easy!
  2. Worldwide participation encouraged, open to all! 
  3. To get ONE entry(One chance to win): Hide a geocache between the dates of February 16 to 25, 2013 and submit the GC number in the comments section at mngeocaching. Comments posted on Livelovecache.com will not get you entered.
  4. To earn THREE entries Three chances to win): Place a geocache between the dates of February 16 to 25, 2013 and submit a video of you hiding it.
  5. You may choose only one of the two methods of entry.
  6. All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm CST on February 25th, 2013.
  7. A winner will be selected at random, using number website Random.org.
  8. That winner will receive a gift certificate from the CacheBox Store.
  9. Have fun and good luck!

We had to share this one, we love contest! The video also made us realize just how exciting the 2 million cache is. We hope this gives you all the inspiration to get a cache out in the next few days and hope we are in the running for the 2 millionth hide or at least close enough to go find it!

UPDATE: I promise the event post will be done soon and the list of travel bug numbers. Ted and I caught that DAMN FLU.This is my 2nd go round with the nasty bug and Teds first. YUCK! So life has been on slow motion and we thought the 2millionth hide was so important you all had to know about it. We are working hard to get you all the post. Thanks for being patient. Our sights are set on 2 millionth hide so our place looks like the Elf Workshop at the North Pole before Christmas! Caches and Swag everywhere mixed with flu medicine!

Happy Caching!

Travel Bug Workshop Update

For the Love of Bugs! Travel Bug Workshop GC45EW3 was a huge success! February 16, 2013 was one hell of a day for Utah caching!

travel bug2

WOW…I must say after each event I am on this natural high and planning the blog post and the next event. This was no exception, however after this one I was down and out tired. It could have been the multiple stations at this one. Event attendees had their choice of two separate craft projects (thanks to the Queen of Creativity, Madambutterfly1822) , a Holy Sweet Cache at event, a library hunt, travel bug tag making and travel bug assembly area. Plus all of the socializing. We squeezed as much as possible into the few hours we had. Now with all that said I am sure you are all interested in pictures and details. ABOUT THAT….it is a work in progress!


I had every intention of finishing it tonight however I have been hearing all of these great things about a show on A&E called Duck Dynasty and while flipping channels I saw it was coming on. Ted and I don’t just sit and watch TV, usually we turn the TV on for background noise and do our projects. UNFORTUNATLY due to the awesome-ness of Duck Dynasty, I was unable to finish our post on the event. The good news is I looked up Duck Dynasty on Facebook and I was able to join the Duck Dynasty clan with an app called Beard Yourself. I had a blast. I hope to have the event post up tomorrow.

Happy Caching, thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting!


Contest ALERT!

Our most popular giveaway is back. If you entered our SWAG Bag giveaway and didn’t win or missed the giveaway you have a second chance to win one of your own. This time the giveaway is hosted by Igogeocacahing.com 
    This is an easy entry contest, just go to Igogeocaching.com and leave a comment. The contest is open until March15, 2013. While you are there check out this great site that chronicles ISME1922s caching adventures as well as the story of Ima Muggle and Joe Cache.
     Tis the day before our next event. For the love of Bugs! Travel bug Workshop I love these days when Ted and I really put things into overdrive. This event will be extra special because of out co-host Madambutterfly1822. She has gone above and beyond preparing for this one, each cacher will be able to make and take a craft that can be attached to a travel bug. We are looking forward to her crafts.
     The prizes for the event are going to be worth attending. We will post pictures after the event. We are so excited and looking forward to another great event.
Happy caching!

New Caches

Caches for our February event. For the Love of Bugs! Travel Bug Workshop Co-hosted by Madambutterfly1822

     It is that time of month again, the time right before our event; For the Love of Bugs! Travel Bug Workshop and we are getting that excited, butterfly feeling.
     One thing Ted and I like to do is hide a cache at the event or near by so cachers attending our events get a Smiley for the event and have a chance to get at least one more smileys without a lot of effort. We are working on placing 3-4 for this event. There will not be one at the actual GZ, because there is already a Holy Sweet Cache by MadamButterfly1822 there. This event will have the potential of at least 5-6 nearby finds; with a guarantee of at least 1-2 favorite point worthy caches!
     The new caches will range from creative micros to a possible CSI cache. Yes, I did say the L&L Killer might strike again! I know it has been months since we have seen any Crime Scene Investigator cache series Crime Scenes. Things might be changing, it is a new year and even the L& L Killer sets New Years Resolutions!
Thanks to all of you for your comments and following us! I especially needed the inspiration from DJ&Jules about my struggle with a cache a day. I also loved the the ideal of awarding more than one favorite point, I have thought that many times!
Please keep reading our blog and feel free to contribute anytime, we love comments, unless you’re a SPAM program, we don’t care about your video game offers!
Happy Caching, we are looking forward to getting together this weekend with a bunch of people with that share the best hobby in the world!

Favorite Points

Inspired by Thebitchycacher & her Rants


We have reader named Thebitchycacher and when I went to her blog she has a “Rant” section, I loved it. She tells it how it is and I read every entry she made. So, I am wondering what to call my “RANT.” I am thinking…”Some caching advise that will help you not be a jerk face cacher. “ Yes I think that will be the name. So post #1 of

Some caching advise that will help you not be a jerk face cacher.

      Ok I have a huge beef with those cachers that act like giving a favorite point is like giving up your first born. Are you kidding me? I know cachers that have hundreds of favorite points and will not award any. WHY?

      Hello cachers, this game is made possible by volunteers and no one is paid to make and hide a cache and spend their own money to bring smileys to people. Wish those people would part with their favorite points as easily as the people making the awesome caches.    

      We will continue to hide cool caches like CSI #5 NEWSFLASH, your favorite points don’t collect interest, they don’t make you popular, they can’t kiss you good night or pay your bills. SO STOP BEING GREEDY! The person with the most favorite points when they die does not win anything! GIVE THEM. I give points for caches that have good FTF prizes, caches that have a great description,  caches from a new cacher, caches in unique containers basically anything out of the ordinary. DO IT, GIVE FAVORITE POINTS!

I just get upset when I see a cool cache and cachers finding it and writing TFTC? WHAT? Are you kidding me, give something back to the game with a simple thanks with a favorite point.

End of rant. Hope all of the winners got your stones and loved them. Please send Pictures. A cache a day is killing me, kind of feel like it takes the fun out of caching kind of like a chore, I am re-thinking this, help with advice!

Happy Caching!



CSI Investigation Continues! The Disguise & Weapon

A cache by G & C Lost'N'Found & ryshkepr
Once again G & C Lost'N'Found & Ryshkepr have made a statement with their incredible cache design and placement skills.This extraordinary cache screams to the caching world,
     This cache has been on the top of the Holy Sweet Cache list since its publishing date of 11/02/12. I am kind of glad we didn’t award it the Holy Sweet Cache award when we wanted to; we have now had time to read the logs and see others agree. To date it has been found 16 times and 10 out of the 16 have awarded favorite points. I am guessing the 6 cachers that did not give it a favorite point were out of points to give. Ted and I would have given more than one favorite point to this cache.
The cache page is so well put together and the spoiler is picture is above; the cache page describes the picture as
“The characters depicted in the cache are known to have been seen at various CSI crime scenes and events. Look at the pictures closely-do you recognize anyone? Are you considered a Suspect or Victim?”
3 of the best

Three out of this world cachers!
Great Disguise & Captions.
Holy Sweet Cache
      The pictures include possible (disguised) suspects that could be the Longitude & Latitude Killer from our CSI Series. The CSI series has taken on a life of its own with cachers pointing the finger at other cachers and the logs are worth a read. One of our favorites is CSI Episode #10 Crosswalk. The dynamic powerhouse also added their own touch to that cache and it is even better now.
     This Holy Sweet Cache has a lot to offer. Starting with the identification of the possible suspects and then leading you to an unlikely urban/rural combination setting that is sometimes guarded by a field Lion. Once GZ is located the real fun begins! G & C Lost'N'Found & Ryshkepr have added an element of surprise, I will not spoil any of the fun but lets just say Ted jumped pretty high and RN&Terrier jumped like Michael Jordan. The disguises and weapons are above and beyond normal caching standards,not to mention the well thought out SWAG!

Holy Sweet Cache
Investigating the IMPORTANT EVIDENCE. Great disguises that could confuse victims and suspects!
Holy Sweet Cache Weapons
Sifting through the possible murder weapons.
I want to show how awesome all of it is but in order to see the rest you must go find GC40NCE for yourself. You will not be disappointed. You may have a lot to think about after all of the clues and weapons or find yourself disguised.
We had a blast on the caching trail, while we were investigation one of Utah's best cachers appeared; RN&Terrier. We had such a blast combing through the clues and catching up. Running into other cachers on the trail always makes the cache more memorable.
RN&TerrierSuspects or Victims
This year has been flying by we are already into the 2nd month of 2013…WOW. That also means we have one month down in our quest for a cache a day for an entire year. Thanks to those of you doing the same challenge and send your stories and encouragement!  Believe me, there are days I need it. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to chack out this HOLY SWEET CACHE by Utah's POWERHOUSE!
We also wanted to say thank you to all whom entered our personalized SWAG contest. The stones are in the mail to Austraila and Florida. MPB, KittyCatch, GrimRaider and CrimsonOtaku please send us pictures with your winnings! Watch for more contests to come!
Happy Caching!