Day 26 & GC4KWXG

Day 26 Oh DEER what happened here? was our hide for today. It was a simple lock and lock covered in skull duck tape and filled with deer figurines. It was about 600 feet from day 25 so some of the streakers were logging how they should have waited for day 25 & day 26. It worked out ok especially for Davehi1, he earned the FTF prize and submitted a great log. day26.1day8.8day26.2
For our find today we actually scored our own FTF. It was a new one by kreativewire. It published after I went to work and sent Balkamper13 out to get the FTF and then checked it out during lunch! We love a good ftf. Call of Duty - Basic Mission LP-Thanks Kreativewire! day26.5
The most exciting part of the day was getting a special package in the mail from Exmans Exchangables. They wanted to send a special congrats to all of the streaker’s so they sent a sample path tag for each one. Thanks so much Exmans Exchangables they are AWESOME! They will be giving us a HUGE discount, so any cacher interested in making your own tags….now is the time…more details to come! day26.4
The STREAKERS BALL will be a blast. We have some fun things planned and the shirts are AWESOME…worth 31 days of chasing caches! Thanks to all of you that took the time to write great logs and share your stories on the trail! We look forward to the celebration!
Happy Streaking!
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