Day 15 & GC4JXCG

Day 15 A Cache for the Kings and Queens31-Days-Calendar-Image
Another contest Alert and end of post! Today was a fun hide. We have been waiting to put this out for awhile and no better day than the almost half way mark in the 31 days of Geocaching. We picked this container up at a yard sale and knew it would make an amazing cache. We found a park without a cache and hid it in a location that doesn’t have many visitors. The FTF award goes to bottlecapp. He is a fairly new cacher and he has that FTF addiction. He has been a strong contender in the STREAKER AWARD. Way to go looks like we need your T-shirt size.Thanks goes out to Halocure for the cute pic of the cutest cachers. We love kids finding our caches.  day15.0day15.2day15.3day15
     For our souvenir of the day I had to make a find without Balkamper13. He was at work and Jax (the 5yr old member of cacheseekers!) and I had to hide a few more caches. While we were out scouting we came across Great Salt Lake State Marina (V3) we decided to go after it and wow was it an adventure. It was 100 degrees and we were at the dock of the Great Salt Lake. It was beautiful until….
  YES….those are HUGE Spiders. I was looking at my compass instead of looking around and I walked right into a gigantic web full of the black spiders of unusual size. I didn’t know I could run as fast as I did once I figured out what just happened. So after this we still needed to get the cache. We found it and opened it up and yes more spiders. So I did what any good Mom would do, I told Jackson it was his turn to get the cache. haha! It was fun when we got to the log we saw Balkamper13 on the log from 2007.
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Ok…guess we couldn’t end the day without a find with Balkamer13. SO 2 new caches were published when he got home and we set out. Our first FTF was ??Writting Stick Cache?? it was a micro by Angry Bird Guys. Thanks for the fun. We then headed to another new cache called Call Of Duty: Cache Motherload. it is a 4.5/4.5 cache and it was 9:15 at night. We decided we had to go for it. WE DID and we met the duty of the call! Thank you kreativewire. We had a blast and love getting a cache off my DT grid.
We had a really good 15th day.  The STREAKER AWARD is within reach of many cachers. We are in design mode for the t-shirts and they will be awesome. Speaking of awesome t-shirts…there is another contest going on for t-shirts as well.
To celebrate the 31 days of caching is having a giveaway! Go to their Facebook page and follow the rules. We would love to see a reader win!
Rules to qualify
1) Like our page
2) Share their post
3) Find at least one cache per day through the month of August collecting all 31 new souvenirs.
I have to get a cache listing up so I will see you all again tomorrow! Happy Streaking!

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