Where we get tags & Special Offer

      After our Tag giveaway we had several cachers ask about our tags and where we get them from.  It is easy, EXTAGS. We have only made 3 tags and they have all been Extags. From day one they have been excellent to us and our readers. Extags is growing and pleased to announce some exciting news. 

Extagz is pleased to announce a recent change in ownership. Extagz is a leading producer of trade items, such as personal tags, geocoins and pins for the geocaching community.

New owner, Joshua White, has committed to making improvements, and has started off by offering a free, limited edition tag to those who place new orders as a show of their continuing support. "First and foremost, we are Geocachers and taggers ourselves," White said, "and we want to build relationships and community with others who are passionate about the same things." He also stated that he hopes to bring fresh ideas to the company to help encourage new tags, trading within the community, and growth.
Expect to see freebies, contests, new offerings, new clubs and an Extagz table coming to a Mega near you! Check out what Extagz has to offer at Extagz.net, or visit their Facebook page at Extagz Facebook.

For the rest of July, readers of this blog can use the code livelovecache, to earn free vanity code on their order.

From time to time, Extagz will launch a new club. These clubs work one of two ways. The first is that there is a theme, and everyone joining the club makes a tag that fits that theme. Examples include our recent Pokémon club, which saw 68 different Extagz created, football players, train cars, or an upcoming club, Perfect Pairs! The second way is that there is a design made up and everyone creates Extagz using that one design, but chooses their own colors, glitter, glow, translucent, etc. for that same design. Examples include our current club, Trolls, and many past clubs such as GeoKisses, awareness ribbons, butterflies, and others.

Usually the cost of creating Extagz in these clubs is cheaper than creating other tags due to sharing mold costs, trading before shipping to save time and trade costs for the club members, and/or shared backs.

For each new club, we will typically start a new Facebook Group to facilitate conversation, orders, information sharing, and so that everyone see what is being done by current members to help give them ideas of what they could make for the club.

If you'd like to join our current Trolls Club, come join us at Extagz Trolls.

If you're interested in joining the Perfect Pairs Club, which hasn't officially started, but is coming soon, come join in the fun at Perfect Pairs Extagz.

Here are the 3 tags we have made with Extagz:
Don't forget for the rest of July 2017 readers of this blog can use the code livelovecache, to earn free vanity code on their order.
Happy Caching!

Celebrate this Independence Day with...WINNING!

Thanks to everyone whom entered our comment contest. The contest to win our personal Extag has come to an end and the winners have been randomly selected. Please return message with your address so we can get your shiny new Balkamper13 & Cacheseekers! Extag in the mail ASAP.

Patricia Goldsmith

Joshua White

Jeff S.

Jennifer Dawson

Pete Irwin


Sharon Wenz

Shannon Wolf

Elaine Roy Thibault

Congrats, to everyone whom entered, you are all winning at life, you are Geocachers. 
Stay tuned there will be many more contests.

During this contest we had a lot of interest in our tags and who produced them, stay tuned the next post will be on EXTAGZ and info on how you can make your own and/or join the group coin "Trolls." Happy 4th of July!