No FTF’s or smileys…Wedding instead.

     Took some time off from caching today for a wedding. Ok we didn’t take the whole day off, we watched a great video from the Dirtbag Geocaching Society Leadership team about some exciting new things the society is doing. We also worked on some SWAG for our upcoming geocoinfest trip. Then returned to our wedding preparations. 
     Sometimes I have to build other things besides geocaches and I love it. We wanted a unique wedding gift for our dear friends Tom & Jen. We made a cupcake kit. It had a cupcake pan with lid as base, then 3 cupcake mixes, 6 cupcake liners as decorations, 4 wooden spoons, topped with a big cupcake liner full of icing and decorating supplies. It was tied together with mesh and included a recipe for a happy Marriage. We wrote a cupcake themed message to the bride and groom… “ Tom, may Jen always be your cupcake and may your sweet tooth for her never be satisfied…Jen, may your years with Tom be a baker’s dozen times 20 and may your ingredients to a happy marriage be plentiful.”
     It was a lot of fun making such a personalized fun wedding gift, I hope they will remember it and use it for years. Congrats Jen and Tom…your wedding was a blast here are a few pictures, they had some fun non-traditional items that were tailored to their personalities and made the wedding special.
Take time to celebrate the things that make life worth living.
Don’t forget the Wendover or BUSt event on October 19th….will be the best event on wheels EVER!
Happy Caching!

“Wendover or BUSt”-GC4NWA7

Wendover or BUSt is our first chartered bus event on October 19th 2013. We are adding wheels to our event. This event is going to be a blast.
The first 56 cachers that log a will attend will have their seat reserved aboard the geocaching fun bus. OH YES geocaching combined with a bus...a winning situation.      For now the cost will be $18 a person (will decrease if will fill the 56 seats on the bus.) For $18 you will get 10 hours of fun with fellow geocacachers, Wendover or BUSt pathtag, caching stops along the way to Wendover, a free all you can eat buffet, a flash mob event in Wendover Wendover Will GC4NWF7, coupon book $60 value including $5 cash back so your ride is really only $13, free drink coupon, giftshop discount and games along the way.      Imagine a fun filled day with cachers. You do not have to be 21 to attend this event...however you do have to be 21 to drink adult beverages on the bus. If you want to come out for the caching, flash mob and buffet and then cache around Wendover instead of gambling, you are more than welcome.      Here is the skinny: 1st pick up is @ 11:00 am at the posted coords KMART parking lot in West Valley City (3330 S 5600 W) Please come at around 10:45 so we can make sure the bus is loaded and ready to go at 11:00 am. Bring your CASH for the bus fare as well as some raffles and games along the way. 2nd Pick up will be at a gas station/ Flying J truck stop in Lake point (1605 Saddleback Blvd) 11:25-30 ish. We will all be caching at this stop as well.      Once we are on the road we have a few stops planned to get some caches. We will be playing games on the bus and food and beverages are allowed. Non-alcoholic beverages and a snack (maybe Balkamper13 will dress up as a flight attendant) will be provided on the way there. We will then arrive at the Rainbow Casino. You will be given your coupon books as we exit the bus.      You are then free to go explore Wendover. We will be hosting a Flash Mob @ 6:30 at the WENDOVER GUY at the edge of town and getting a cache then going to dinner as a group for those that want to. Bus service from the Rainbow to Wendover Will, will be provided. When the trip is over, The bus will leave at 8pm sharp. There will be no caching on the way home. Just a stop in Lake point and then to the parking lot to drop off cachers.      Drinking is allowed on the way to Wendover but not on the way home. If anyone would like to bring a prize to donate to the raffle, feel free.      We also want to thank Oakcoins ...they have donated stuff for this will love the stuff. Thanks OakCoins!      We are not responsible for any cachers left behind if they are not at the bus at 8pm. We are also not responsible for any money you may loose during this trip...we are responsible for any money you may win and will gladly take a cut...hahaha just kidding!      The bus is expensive so if we fill it the tickets will decrease in cost. We are only collecting money to cover the cost of chartering the bus. We are hoping our special tags will be done in time for the trip..we are having a special one made for this trip. If they are not done we will get them to all participants when they arrive. Please log your will attend today! We are planning some great things and you won’t want to miss this event! Happy Caching….


     pirate00        Ahoy Matees…we must share our adventure at the best geocaching event we have attended GC4JQ26. On September 21st 2013 a beautiful canyon in Utah was filled with about a hundred pirates in search of some treasure and celebration for Railroader921’s 40th birthday party/geocaching event. Madambutterfly1822 & Railroader921 teamed up to host our most favorite event of all time.
Attendees were asked to dress like pirates and bring a side dish. When we arrived we were greeted by a feather and ink to sign an amazing log book. After signing in, Railroader921 & Madambutterfly1822 read a story of what we were to expect. It was so cute in a pirate accent. Below is the log book and story:
pirate2pirate3pirate4pirate5pirate6pirate7pirate8pirate9pirate10pirate11pirate12pirate13pirate14OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
After the story we were given maps and gold pieces and send out on a letterboxing/caching mission. Madambutterfly1822 hand carved 8 stamps and set up 8 elaborate scenes. We were to visit all 8 places to get the 8 “Golden Seals”. The treasure map held the locations of: Talking Parrot Tavern, Cap’n Dangerous Dan, Cannibals’ Cove, Mermaid Lagoon, Shipwreck Reef, Hangman’s Tree, Fortune Teller and Sea Monster’s Lair. WOW….the locations were amazing and had special tasks at each one.

After we collected our Golden Seals we returned to the pavilion for Food, Friends, Fun and a Costume Contest. They served the most delicious hamburgers and hot dogs and all of the attendees brought tons of food. We especially loved the costume contest because Cacheseekers! was the winner. It was the first time she ever won a costume contest. It was a lot of fun, Captain Dan lined up all of those that were dressed up and walked by them and pointed his sword by them and the crowd cheered for the one they wanted to win. Balkamper13 & Cacheseekers! were the finalists…worth all of the preparation.
The prize for the best costume was a beautiful coin that was made for this event. THANK YOU…love it! After the costume contest people mingled and ate some more, sang Happy Birthday an listened to a heart felt speech from the birthday boy himself. It was very sweet and he discussed how geocaching changed his life and thanks us all. His cake was darling. The entire event was perfect.
Thanks again Madambutterfly1822 & Railroader921. Thanks again to Halocure for your great pictures and friendship. We can only wish our 40th birthday’s will be half as cool. Happy Birthday Dan!
Happy Caching and stay tuned for a new event listing….save the date, October 19th….Wendover or BUSt….event. We have Extagz making path tags for the event an have a lot planned. There will also be a second event in Nevada called Wendover Will. 2 events, one bus and a day of caching and fun.

2nd International EarthCache Event

I finally attended my first “Mega” GC3JG9V event with Balkamper13 & TJC852. We set our sights on St. George and headed to the event in a Prius…it was hilarious listening to all of the Prius jokes the entire time, but I must admit I liked it. TJC852 & Jackson of Cacheseekers! enjoyed the back of Prius. We love road trips the adventure of the highway. We cached and played the whole way and then when we arrived, we slept and then went for a morning swim.  mega20mega31mega24mega21mega22mega23
After the swim we went to the event and we were pleased to see some local cachers. We went in and signed the log book and then looked around. We shopped at the vendors and had an especially great time at the Oakcoins booth. Oh and Ladies…That bearded GeoSwag guy is married…sorry! mega5mega19
After shopping we went out and cached in the beautiful city of St. George. We sadly missed an event by some local cachers, but you know how it gets when you get caching in a new area…so much fun. When we returned to the event we played the GPS marking flag game. We wrote our names on the flags and placed them on the closest to the coordinates they had displayed at the event. mega15mega16mega18
We had a great time and a cacher from Europe pinpointed the actual coordinates. Next, we were lucky enough to meet some fellow Dirtbags…they travelled all of the way from Florida and they defiantly were the highlight of the event for us. Great people! We had some fun and did some photo bombs…Best Part!mega17
We went into volunteer in the kids section after a short break. We had a great time with the dinohunters. The kids section offered geode breaking, gold panning, coloring and cache stories. mega8mega9mega10mega11
While we were volunteering in the kids section there were great seminars being taught and lots of local caching going on. The day ended with a raffle and the announcing of next years Mega Earth event…Canada. We left after this but many stayed for a dinner event. We had to get to Mesquite to win some $$$…let’s just say we have a $300 set of coffee mugs. We then headed home and cached on the way. We found some fun caches but the best part was meeting up with a great caching pair…mega2
AKiteFlier and humboldt flier. They are the nicest people and we talked and had a blast talking caching. I love how cachers really are the nicest people you can meet. We continued on our journey back home and cached some more…great experience at my first mega. More to come…looking forward to Las Vegas-Coinfest! Below are some of our pictures from the trip.
Happy Caching…we are working on our next event and let’s just say….it involves a BUS!