Day 21 & GC4KEFJ


Can you believe we have made it to day 21. WOW time flies when your hiding and finding a cache a day. We are so excited for the end of the 31 days of caching…just so we can celebrate at the STREAKERS BALL. We are so excited to reveal day 31 and give out our Streaker shirts and awards. Yes we said “AND AWARDS” there has been way to many cool things happen so we will be handing out extra awards.

SO our hide today was called Tools of the Trade and there was a great race for the FTF, we even had one racer call in late to try and score the coveted FTF honor. The race was won by coppercougar. This was a tight race by 8:15 AM there were 5 logs and it was published at 7:06 AM. Nice work Streakers! We do feel bad for railroader921 who was stung by a wasp…so sorry, when I hid it there were no wasps or I wouldn’t have hid there, I am super allergic!

The container was a tool box we turned into a cache!


We were planning on getting only one cache for the day but a FTF was published at about 9:45 PM and it was only 2.9 miles from our house so out we went.

The first find of the day was called Blank Out by Coupon Cache. It was really well done and similar to the Undercover cache we found yesterday. FUN cache. We love these…can you spot the cache?


The second find of the day was a fun cache by a newbie that has only hidden regulars and above…great job kreativewire. The cache made us rich, rich, rich….$1,000,000 - Back to School, It was full of millions of dollars. That is why we wanted to be FTF….we pulled up to find Snooby there. Good thing we caught him…he has been known to muggle a cache or two in his day…haha just kidding Snooby! It was a fun hide and even better we met up with a cacher on the trail!


Don’t worry even though we are super rich we will still blog and cache. Happy Streaking and we are looking forward to seeing you all at the ball!

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