For day 30 of our geocache hiding streak we placed a cache called DAY 30 ITS A VINE DAY TO FIND A CACHE GC4M6HE. While this was not our most creative geocache hide it was still a good one. The container was a nice sized plastic jar we picked up at the local dollar store. 
     We were running out of hiding spots but just happened to see these great vines while dropping Jax off at school one day. These made for some very VINE coverage and camo for the cache. Inside we stocked the bottle full of great swag items like bouncy balls, micro cache DNA tubes, and some misc. other items. Believe it or not TNTsnow did not get the FTF on this one. The FTF race today was won by GaldaGeos. We were stoked to see they finally got the chance to be the first ones there. We have loved watching the FTF races on this series. It has been fun reading about how everyone gets to meet up and chat with each other. Well we are sorry we are going to have to cut this post short. We have a ton of preparations to do to finish the DAY 31 hide and get things ready for the The Streakers Ball. We will get a better post up tomorrow when we have a little more time to write. Thanks to all of you great readers and followers for checking us out.

Day 29 & GC4M47D

Happy 3 days before the Streakers Ball. We are so excited…been working hard every night to get it all ready. Got the Vistaprint package today! WOOT WOOT…having super hard time not posting pictures of the goodies! Finished the gift bags tonight and worked on Day 31….that one is taking some time! Will be worth it! Can’t believe we are already to the end of the month.
For our hide today we hid a variation of the typical fence post cap. There were a few logs surprised with the size of the cache. Day 29 Topping it off was not out long before Tntsnow claimed the FTF…third day in a row. Not bad for the new guys! WAY TO GO…love how you have been bit by the FTF bug…we have been as well!
Superbee placed a cache named I think of Gotwings. This little cache kept our streak alive! THANK YOU! We were just happy to find one that was a good easy find so we could get home and work on the ball.
Hope everyone is ready for the ball….what are you all wearing? KA7EII is excited to not have to worry about what to wear!
Happy Streaking…we are almost done!

Day 28 & GC4M20Z

Our hide today was a fun one…well not so fun for Balkamper13…the shovel operator. DAY 28 USING YOUR SPIDEY SENSES is another one of my favorites. It was another Mr. Potato Head guy but this one was dressed as SpiderMan. We placed him inside a larger container and inside of an irrigation cover. Yea almost a multi, hahah! Looks like the FTF hounds were hot on the trail of this cache and Tntsnow walked away with the smiley and the FTF. GaldaGeos was at GZ looking with Tntsnow. Close race again today. Just like some of the other days there were some cute pics, I especially loved how Jecepe08’s youngest members were helping Bottlecapp look for Spidy. day28.1day28.2day28.3day28.4day28.7day28
After all of the Spidey fun we got day 29 and 30 in place and found one on the way home. It was a cache by Faxion called Buckland. It was a cute little container under a skirt. Thanks for keeping our streak alive!
The Streakers Ball is just around the corner and I am stressing, we ordered a lot of goodies from Vistaprint and the order has not arrived yet. Send good thoughts it will get here in time. We are working every free second on the event and we are sure it will be a great celebration to end the 31 days of caching. I was asked if the path tag sale from Extagz/Exmans Exchangeables is only for cachers in Utah….nope will be for all of our readers. All details will be out soon. Got to run, Balkamper13 is taking apart the stove for a pressure switch for our day 31 cache…better go stop him.
Happy Streaking!

Day 27 & GC4KZKW

     I am in disbelief that we are already to day 27 of the 31 days of geocaching. Wow time flies when you are having fun! For day 27 we did not pull out any frills or anything fancy, even the name is plain DAY 27 ............. We took a smiley face container and taped some earth magnets in it and put it under a power box in a park. Tntsnow scored the FTF on day 27….. I think they might be in the FTF lead for this series. I love how everyday there are logs about cachers meeting at GZ. Kreative wire even involved his doggie…
     Our find today was a close call we were heading home from hiding day 28 and had to find a cache on the way that we have not found…luckily The Simpsons out a cache called XOXOXO's - (Hugs & Kisses) for Marlene. We didn’t get any pictures due to muggles near by. Still a great way to keep our streak alive. Thanks Simpsons.
     We are putting together the final list of those whom have earned the STREAKER AWARD and we are getting some fun things together for the Streakers Ball! It is going to be a blast! We are so excited! Thanks to all of you that have made this month so memorable for us! Don’t forget we will be revealing a special deal from Exmans Exchangeables on path tags. day26.3
Happy Streaking!

Day 26 & GC4KWXG

Day 26 Oh DEER what happened here? was our hide for today. It was a simple lock and lock covered in skull duck tape and filled with deer figurines. It was about 600 feet from day 25 so some of the streakers were logging how they should have waited for day 25 & day 26. It worked out ok especially for Davehi1, he earned the FTF prize and submitted a great log. day26.1day8.8day26.2
For our find today we actually scored our own FTF. It was a new one by kreativewire. It published after I went to work and sent Balkamper13 out to get the FTF and then checked it out during lunch! We love a good ftf. Call of Duty - Basic Mission LP-Thanks Kreativewire! day26.5
The most exciting part of the day was getting a special package in the mail from Exmans Exchangables. They wanted to send a special congrats to all of the streaker’s so they sent a sample path tag for each one. Thanks so much Exmans Exchangables they are AWESOME! They will be giving us a HUGE discount, so any cacher interested in making your own tags….now is the time…more details to come! day26.4
The STREAKERS BALL will be a blast. We have some fun things planned and the shirts are AWESOME…worth 31 days of chasing caches! Thanks to all of you that took the time to write great logs and share your stories on the trail! We look forward to the celebration!
Happy Streaking!

Day 25 & GC4KRJ5

We are getting so close to completing the 31 days of geocaching challenge. Can you believe we are already on day 25? Today we put out a cache called Day 25 If you Tinkle don't Sprinkle. It was a sprinkler head cache that we placed behind a Lowe’s, next to a light pole. We love tricking cachers. From the logs it doesn’t look like too many were fooled. This was a fun day, usually these caches have been published in morning so we had a whole group of cachers e-mails, calling and Facebook posting about day 25 not being published yet. The reviewer had them waiting and when it did come out the race was on…todays FTF award went to The Simpsons & Mzblubrd. Gladageos &Tntsnow were right behind them and a special congrats goes to Glidermike on his FTF(fourth to find). 
For our find today we finally got to experience the FTF party. When Tntsnow was asking why day 25 wasn’t published he told me he had submitted a cache and should be out today. SO I was waiting as well. Kept checking the e-mail like a crazy person. We were on our way over to Mzblubrds house when it was published so we made a detour and what a party it was!
Driving Miss Daisy was a great cache and a good hide! When we arrived to GZ we say Halocure pulling up so we tried to cut her off and jump out of our car in hot pursuit of a FTF. We all were scampering to find the cache when Balkamper13 found it and secretly went and signed the log book. He then was telling us all what area to look in. It was funny when Halocure opened the log book and the Cacheseekers! Balkamper13 stamp was already in it. As were were looking in the cache we were joined by Twodognight & Glidermike. There was 9 of us all together on the side of the road. WE LOVED the cache. It had a cute solar powered daisy guarding the darling VW bug cars. The FTF prize was a handmade magnet with a cute ftf prize card. Loved it all!
Ok the Streakers Ball is right around the corner. Things are shaping up well for all of the awards. WOW so many of you took on the challenge and are so close! We have some big things planned and you won’t want to miss Day 31 our finale. Also, Exmans Exchangeables is sending path tags for the event and offing a super special offer to Livelovecache readers….100 path tags for $79….we will post official details closer to the event, start thinking of your designs for your own path tags.  Thanks again Exmans Exchangeables.
Signing off…happy streaking!

Day 24 & GC4KNYJ & The Winner is……

So today was a fun hide except, when I was posting it last night I was so tired I forgot to put “DAY 24” before the title so our AWESOME reviewer posted it a few minutes after I submitted it. We were hoping no one found it until the 24th and that did happen….at 12:01 Tntsnow logged a FTF. We edited the name and it did trick a few. SO SORRY! was a tired oversight! Todays hide was a cute cookie jar that we covered in DGS camouflage tape and added the geocaching symbol to. Below is some of our favorite cachers and caching dog with the

For our cache we found Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut - Anytown USA #14 by some of our favorite cachers, lv2wj. It was a fun cache especially at night. day24.3day24
Now the moment you have all been waiting 26 hours for….we have drawn a winner for the stones and magnets and the winner is.Amanda Star
Amanda from Chicago! Way to go! Please send us your address at Congrats! Thanks to all that entered! We will be having more contests soon! Thanks again! Happy Streaking and Cache on!

Day 23 & Sasquatch wants a Philly!

We will be getting our cache for the day later tonight but we wanted to thank you all for reading and helping us hit 25,000 page views. In appreciation, CONTEST TIMEwe will be giving one reader their choice of any set of geocaching stones and a set of magnets from our Live Love Cache Etsy Shop. This contest is only going for the next 25 hours. To enter you have to like our Facebook page write a comment with your caching name and stones you would like to win (On Facebook under this post) .  We will draw a winner 9PM tomorrow night 8/24/2013. We will contact you on Facebook. –Good Luck and Thank YOU!
Lucky Geocaching stone 10pcsHEART OF FIRE geocaching stone X10I CACHE glass stone SWAG x10pcsFTF First To Find glass stone SWAG x10pcsGeocaching magnetic glass stones
GC4KKJN was our hide for today. It is a Sasquatch foot print tin that we spray painted silver and put magnets in and then hid well between a power box behind a Philly sandwich shop. day0.2day0.3
Geowinds blowing in my favor on the lively day off”-CachinGrma wrote in her FTF log she was at day 21 when this one was published so she STOMPED out the competition and signed the log first.CachinGrma has been one of the leaders of  the pack in this contest…..way to go fellow cachers…..

We also wanted to say thanks to Groundspeak for sending two awesome goodies for our STREAKERS BALL on Sept 1st. There is still time to grab all 31 caches and get your STREAKERS AWARD, Here is a glimpse of the gifts. The ball will also have path tags from ExmansExchangeables. We are also working way hard on the shirts…if you don’t get one I promise you will be sad! They are fantastic. day23.1day23.2day23.3
Happy Streaking and go enter the 25 hour contest! Thanks again for 25,000 views!