Monday, November 7, 2016

Get Your Promotional Trackable NOW!

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Trackable Promotion & Photo Contest: 1,500 itsy-bitsy Urban Adventure luggage trackables are being released into the game. Geocachers will have a chance to win a free guided tour by using #localsknowgeocaching on Instagram.

      It has been far too long. We miss you all. Just wanted to drop a little post on the new Promotion Trackable available to 1500 cachers. This promotion is a little different than the ones I have done in the past. Even though I signed up with in minutes of launch, I am not guaranteed a trackable. Urban Adventures is leaving the request page open for 7 days and then randomly selecting 1500 cachers to receive the itsy bitsy  luggage trackable.  Get your requests in now at the link below.



Monday, June 20, 2016

GC1A1EP Jimi Hendrix Memorial "Holy Sweet Cache"

GC1A1EP Jimi Hendrix Memorial

Will the wind ever remember
The names it has blown in the past,
And with this crutch, its old age and its wisdom
It whispers, "No, this will be the last."
And The Wind Cries Mary...
         There are those days when you are out Geocaching and you come across a hide that turns out to be a " HOLY SWEET CACHE". Today was one of those days when I  stumbled        apon GC1A1EP Jimi Hendrix Memorial

    The geocache itself is located about 200 feet from the actual memorial but its close enough to this awesome site to get you there. The hide is a pretty classy non micro hidden under a fence post cap. It is located in Renton, WA not to far off a freeway exit. Its caches that take you to neat spots like this that make me love this game more every time i find one. The family and friends of Jimi Hendrix have built a great tribute to this rock/blues icon for the public to see. From the sundial on the one side to the live flowers all the way around. The giant marble pictures, song lyrics, and quotes this place is amazing. If you are ever in the area you should take the time to stop and see it for youself. This place makes for one heck of a 

Monday, June 6, 2016 new life adventure

New life adventure for 

    As some of you may have heard Darcey, the boys, and myself have started on a new life adventure. We packed up our stuff in Salt Lake City,UT and moved to Friday Harbor,WA on San Juan island in the pacific northwest. We are now located about 80 miles northwest of Seattle and only 10 miles across the water from Victoria,BC. The life choices we were making in Salt Lake were good but the job I was working took up all my time and family life. We are now closer to other family members and I will be working a great daytime job with most weekends off so I can enjoy time with my loved ones once again. As you can see we have already had a bit of free time so we went caching on the island and found GC4ZGP3 T-Turn. this cache was in a really neat location at one of the  public beach places near Friday Harbor. Another really cool feature about this cache is that in the background is Steve Miller from the Steve Miller Band's house. 
         Since moving to the island we have spent alot more time outdoors. After work everyday we take some time to get out and explore some of the neat places around the area, and have found a lot of really cool places to go and play.
One day while out exploring we found this tree full of Teddy Bears just off the side of the road. There is a little sign next to it that says        " DO NOT FEED THE BEARS" 
 We got a good laugh out of that random little spot and may just have to hide a geocache nearby. We have also been playing on the kayaks practicing for a trip on bigger waters. The pond in the backyard works great for practice and for cooling off on a hot day. 


   We are so excited about our new adventure and hope that we will now have more time to share stories on this site once again. Please keep checking back to see what new stuff we have been up too. Like I say we really hope to start putting up more posts on our site and sharing our adventures with you all once again. 
See you all soon. 
Until then LIVE, LOVE, and CACHE on.

Friday, August 21, 2015

24,694 GEOCACHERS HAVE EARNED THe Road Trip Hero SOUVENIR SO FAR, We are not one of them. Thanks to Pip-Boy3000 we were able to earn...

Events and  One SOUVENIR closer...             when We check our progress, we still need 

LET’S GET EXTREME!  (level 5 in DIFFICULTY or 5 terrain cache) way easier than a 5/5)

HIGH-FIVE FOR THE EARTH (finding an EarthCache or clean it up by attending a CITO event)  

PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAP(finding a Mystery Cache) 

yes...we are behind. It's due to this need for Souviners that we are thankful for the Event on Wed 8/19/2015, at a local coffee house. 

Get a Fix GC5WGFG

 Pip-Boy3000 Hosts a monthly event at the coffee house and he nailed the meaning of get-a-fix on his event page.
"Geocache Description:


  1. (idiomatic) To obtain something necessary, especially a dose of an addictive drug or anything else compulsively sought after.
This was our first event in ages. It's amazing, no matter how long we are away, our Geocaching friends are like family (Not the crazy Aunt type, the good type)
Nice Full Log and Caching Prizes
There were over 30 attendees as well as a couple from out of state, a few first time event attendees and the oldies. 
Pip-Boy3000 enticed cachers with an announcement before the event...
 "ALL I was given another Founders TB by Brian Roth at the HQ Block Party. Since he gave me one at my PI Day event I'm going to put his one up as a drawing prize for those in attendance at this event. I will draw the name @ 7:30 pm."
 The lucky winner was Mtd1965

This event also featured some great Travel Bugs from the Block Party. It was so nice, someone typed up a list of the numbers so we got to spend more time enjoying the bugs, instead of frantically writing them down or snapping pictures of them. 

I love event caches, they are probably my most favorite kind. We challenge you to hold an event. It doesn't have to be fancy to bring great people together! Thanks Pip-Boy3000

If you are already a Road Trip Hero, CONGRATS! IF NOT...12 more days...

Next time we post, we are hoping to have a souvenir instead of below....


Become the ultimate road trip champion by earning all five of the other souvenirs.

Happy Caching, thanks for reading! 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Holy Sweet Cache

Shipwrecked!                                       GCK4GB

     This holy sweet cache is actually one that we had to log a DNF on but the location of it was worth the look. Shipwrecked! GCK4GB is located on Lopez Island, Washington. There are a few ways you can get to ground zero. You can walk from the parking area and its a great .25 mile walk or you could take a boat or kayak ride in. We took the walking route and found a few other great caches along the way. Here's a few links to them.

   Once you get to the coordinates you find yourself surrounded the sight of five weathered broken beached boats. It makes your mind wonder how did all these get here. I'm thinking it was a large storm and the damage was too great for them to be salvaged. Darcey and myself had a blast climbing round all the pieces and looking for the hide. 

One of the wrecks was a very old looking barge type of boat. It looked like they just fastened a bunch of big driftwood logs together for the bottom. That one made me think of all the old cartoons where the characters would fasten trees together to get off the island. Even though we were unable to make the find on the cache we had to share it. The owner has replaced the hide since we logged our DNF and we cant wait to go back and get the smiley. If you get a chance to go geocaching on these islands this is one that I would recommend searching for. 

    Along the walk out to the cache you go through some cool wetlands that have all kinds of wildlife. We saw countless types of birds and even a few bald eagles. After passing the wetlands you have to walk a little ways along the beach area. We had fun looking for little white egglet rocks, and shells. 

Moral of this adventure is, GO CACHE the San Juan Islands in Washington.

So how is everyone doing on SOUVENIRS?
July 31-Sept 2nd
The geocaching game board, aka the Earth, is pretty awesome. Learn about it by finding an EarthCache or clean it up by attending a CITO event beginning July 31 to earn this souvenir.
So, We are slacking only have the First one, need to step it up on have until the 2nd of next month, good luck to you all, Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Contest Winner Announcement

Contest Winner Announcement

     Hello everyone. We have been working hard on geocaching tile contest, winning tile................
All the names were tossed into an empty ammo can and the lucky name that was chosen was............. insert drum roll here.................Cheryl Stubbs

Cheryl won a few entries by commenting on posts, sharing the posts on both facebook and google. We would like to say thank you to her and all of you faithful fans for entering and sharing our page. Rumor has it there will be another contest/giveaway coming very soon so keep your eyes open for it. 

     So what did Cheryl and team Runningbear1 win? They were the lucky winners of a personalized heartbeat of geocaching tile that Darcey is made. The tile explains the heartbeat of most of us Geocachers. Thank you all for entering, we are currently working on the next contest and you won't want to miss it! 

Next post will feature a visit to a lost shipwreck!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Troop 1910 Earning a Boy Scout 
Geocaching Merit Badge
Geocachers are some of the most helpful people I have ever met. Whenever I need a hand I can rely on a fellow cacher to offer help, regardless of the situation. Even if I am moving alone while Balkamper13 is working, with no help, or truck in a SNOWSTORM.  Goatter, Thanks again for that one! 
     Besides giving a helping hand, there are many cachers that offer much more. They give their hearts, time, patients, skills and love to others. I had the honor of seeing these traits and more in action this evening while assisting Troop 1910 earn their Geocaching merit badges. Lead by a seasoned cacher, David Lyon and a co-troop Leader. 
     Troop 1910 is no ordinary boy scout troop. This troop is composed of 6 boys with Autism, each Scout is unique in their own level of function. With high desires to advance and dedication these scouts are setting a new standard. 
     These troops are mostly from the same area and around the same age. They each have a role in the troop and lead meetings like champions. I have to admit, I had a misty eye when the troop presented the flag and everyone echoed the Pledge of Allegiance. It really made me proud to be an American! 

      This  remarkable troop was started in August of 2014 and is the first of it's kind. In some cases, David and his Co-Leader leader work with the boys alongside of their home troop and in a few cases some boys belong only to Troop 1910. David mentioned other troops similar to this troop beginning around the state. The amount of dedication these leaders have to this Troop is commendable and they really do change lives. 

Maureen of Lv2wjChris Geertsen and Myself, Cacheseekers! were honored to help David Lyon set up mock caches and share some geocaching knowledge of waypoints, GPS units and tips. The Troop was so eager to learn and even taught us a few things. 

     This Troop made my whole week and made me stop and think about all of the possibilities we have as a geocaching community to make a difference



Thank you David, co-leader and troop 1910 for sharing in your achievements tonight! I was the one learning for you! 
Keep earning, learning and "being hungry" 
     Readers, don't forget the new Souvenir was released today for the Geocaching Roadtrip15 passport. This souvenir requires us to obtain a 5/5 cache. 

Check your progress here
  • PLUS the contest for the personalized Geocaching Tile is coming to an end on the 20th. 

  • Please comment on a post or share a post. You may enter more than once, just let us know with a blog or Facebook post to don't forget to like and follow us. Thanks for reading!