Happy Independence Day


July 4th is not one of the holidays we go all out for but after this year I think we will. My siblings and I usually have some sort of contest every holiday. We never really did anything for the 4th of July until this year. Our contest rules were simple, build a castle and bring it to the most epic (firework) tank battle of all time.

After getting over 100 tanks, 24 paratroopers, 2 assault vehicles and $200.00 more fireworks, the epic battle was on. We set up the four castles and tanks around the castles and began the war.




The battle went on and on…we had 3 castles catch on fire. We still haven’t awarded the trophy because we couldn’t decide. Our Castle was Castle Cache and had lights and we made it from foam coolers. We all had a blast. We know this was not cache related but it was so much fun we had to share. We also wanted to wish you all a Happy 4th of July. Oh and if you light fireworks from a castle they are better. We hope you had the best 4th ever. We have been catching up on local caches so will have some fun new Holy Sweet Caches for you soon.castle6