Day 24 & GC4KNYJ & The Winner is……

So today was a fun hide except, when I was posting it last night I was so tired I forgot to put “DAY 24” before the title so our AWESOME reviewer posted it a few minutes after I submitted it. We were hoping no one found it until the 24th and that did happen….at 12:01 Tntsnow logged a FTF. We edited the name and it did trick a few. SO SORRY! was a tired oversight! Todays hide was a cute cookie jar that we covered in DGS camouflage tape and added the geocaching symbol to. Below is some of our favorite cachers and caching dog with the

For our cache we found Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut - Anytown USA #14 by some of our favorite cachers, lv2wj. It was a fun cache especially at night. day24.3day24
Now the moment you have all been waiting 26 hours for….we have drawn a winner for the stones and magnets and the winner is.Amanda Star
Amanda from Chicago! Way to go! Please send us your address at Congrats! Thanks to all that entered! We will be having more contests soon! Thanks again! Happy Streaking and Cache on!
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