Day 25 & GC4KRJ5

We are getting so close to completing the 31 days of geocaching challenge. Can you believe we are already on day 25? Today we put out a cache called Day 25 If you Tinkle don't Sprinkle. It was a sprinkler head cache that we placed behind a Lowe’s, next to a light pole. We love tricking cachers. From the logs it doesn’t look like too many were fooled. This was a fun day, usually these caches have been published in morning so we had a whole group of cachers e-mails, calling and Facebook posting about day 25 not being published yet. The reviewer had them waiting and when it did come out the race was on…todays FTF award went to The Simpsons & Mzblubrd. Gladageos &Tntsnow were right behind them and a special congrats goes to Glidermike on his FTF(fourth to find). 
For our find today we finally got to experience the FTF party. When Tntsnow was asking why day 25 wasn’t published he told me he had submitted a cache and should be out today. SO I was waiting as well. Kept checking the e-mail like a crazy person. We were on our way over to Mzblubrds house when it was published so we made a detour and what a party it was!
Driving Miss Daisy was a great cache and a good hide! When we arrived to GZ we say Halocure pulling up so we tried to cut her off and jump out of our car in hot pursuit of a FTF. We all were scampering to find the cache when Balkamper13 found it and secretly went and signed the log book. He then was telling us all what area to look in. It was funny when Halocure opened the log book and the Cacheseekers! Balkamper13 stamp was already in it. As were were looking in the cache we were joined by Twodognight & Glidermike. There was 9 of us all together on the side of the road. WE LOVED the cache. It had a cute solar powered daisy guarding the darling VW bug cars. The FTF prize was a handmade magnet with a cute ftf prize card. Loved it all!
Ok the Streakers Ball is right around the corner. Things are shaping up well for all of the awards. WOW so many of you took on the challenge and are so close! We have some big things planned and you won’t want to miss Day 31 our finale. Also, Exmans Exchangeables is sending path tags for the event and offing a super special offer to Livelovecache readers….100 path tags for $79….we will post official details closer to the event, start thinking of your designs for your own path tags.  Thanks again Exmans Exchangeables.
Signing off…happy streaking!
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