Day 20 & QUARTERback

Today we were a bit farther away from home scouting spots when we found HEqHQ by UtahSteve. Was a fun quick grab. Today we were running out of daylight.
For our contribution to Streakers Award contest, we hid QUARTERback. We found an old bank that was abandoned with great cover for a hide. The container was another great yard sale score it’s a 12” quarter. bottlecapp was right on the money with the FTF. day20.1The logs were great and there were more meetings of cachers on the trail. Love those logs.day20
We are also getting closer to the end of the 31 days of caching and that means we are one step closer to the Streaker's Ball. We have been keeping track of those of you that are close to the Streaker Award.
If you are close or plan on completing the challenge, send us your t-shirt size.
Happy Streaking!
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