A Baker's Dozen & GC4JQ2D

31-Days-Calendar-Image     Day 13 Ninjas at Rad Canyon was our cache for the 13th. It was a lock and lock filled with Ninja’s placed outside a BMX bike track our family loves. It was a FTF party shared by G & C Lost'N'Found & SuperBee. We love it when the caches we place create a chance for fellow cachers to meet up on the trail. Congrats gentleman!
For our find we picked up one near the house we had been saving for a Streaking day. It was a light pole cache in the middle of some apartments so we had to use extra stealth because we had muggles all around. It was My Spare Tire by kreativewire. I know some people complain about LPC caches but tonight proved their usefulness. Thanks for the souvenir.
The Streaker Award contest is attracting more participants. We are looking forward to the number of cachers that actually complete the contest.
We are please to announce our Streaker’s Ball event. Scheduled on Sun September 1st. We will be presenting awards and I struck a deal with All Star Bowling for $5 all you can eat Pizza buffets and half price game cards for our attendees. We love hosting events and we are looking forward to hosting the Streaker’s Ball.  Hope to see you all there!
Happy Streaking!
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