Day 16 & GC4K05G

Scuba Steve is a super unique cache that we needed some to hide near water. So what better place than near the Great Salt Lake. Scuba Steve is a replica of an old scuba mask. It’s sweet and the cache is inside. We are hoping people will post pictures with this cool cache. We are half way to our goal and we have had a blast! A special congrats goes out to GaldaGeos. Looks like their scuba skills were right on target. FTF! 20130815_143451 (1)Call of Duty - Missing In Action
     Looking forward to the Streaker's Ball event on September 1st. We will be awarding some cool prizes, and ExmansExchangeables are sending goodies for this event so we will have great prizes.
     We were on our way towards Old Bingham high way to replace CSI #10 Crosswalk crosscross1 when…cross2 kreativewire put out a new mission/cache . He was following the fun we had last night with an even better cache today and a 5/5. Call of Duty - Missing In Action was a lot of fun for us. I am not a 5/5 kind of a girl…but today I was. This is old hat for Balkapmker13 but my first 5/5.
   I would like to send a special congrats to kreativewire, they hit 60 finds and for new cachers they love big caches. Congrats on your premium membership as well, you will love it and just wait til you get your first taste of a FTF. Welcome and thanks for your contributions.
I know you are all curios about this Dirtbag thing, in true Dirtbag style, on day 16 we got a FTF on 5/5 cache. WOW what a rush and huge feeling of accomplishment.
We spent the rest of the day hiding some new caches and we are sure they will make the streaking a lot more fun. I almost wanted to get pulled over to explain why I had a 4 ft goose riding shotgun with heads in the back seat as well as a shovel and a cross…ACKWARD!
Congrats to the cachers in line for the STREAKER AWARD….we are getting so close! Make sure you all save the date for Sept 1st at 11:30 am for the Streaker's Ball.  Keep on tracking on!
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