Travel bug race



Alright everyone, We have all been invited to join a TB race. Our friend TERRIFROG from Mount Pleasant, MI will be starting this race on May 1st. There will be prizes offered for the winners of this race. We are hoping to get as many people to enter as possible. The mission is super simple. It will begin at Terrifrog’s geocache WELL DWELLERS (TB REST HOME) GC2T11J. From there all the trackables will race to GROUNDSPEAK HEADQUARTERS GCK25B and then back to WELL DWELLERS GC2T11J.

to enter the race


Here is what you will need to do to enter your traveler into the race.

1. Send an email to TERRIFROG, CACHESEEKERS!, or me BALKAMPER13 to get the address to mail your travel bugs to.

2. Package up your trackables (you are welcome to enter as many as you would like) and send them to TERRIFROG before 5-1-2013.

3. She will place all the entry’s in WELL DWELLERS (tb rest home) on 5-1-2013 and the race will begin.

Lets all help to make this race one to remember. She has told me there are about 20-30 people who say they want to enter so far. LETS GET THAT NUMBER UP TO 100-200.

TERRIFROG has told us she wants to give away new TB tags to the first three winners of the race. We also excited to donate some prizes from our LIVELOVECACHE ETSY SHOP.  Get your racers ready and and enter soon for your chance at these cool prizes.


Dirtbag Geocaching Society Membership Attempt

     Balkamper13 & I first heard of the Dirtbag Geocaching Society when Ted was in the running for Geocacher of the month. This group voted for Ted and they were so nice. We then looked into them more. As a result and we have made some great Dirtbag friends and like what they do. They are ANTI-MICRO and into creative hides. We love this. We also love their creative pictures and events oh and did I mention, they have lots of cool members. After all of these reasons we decided we want to be a part of this cool society.  This is exactly what we like! We were curious how to get into the DGS so I asked DGC Cacher via Facebook and below is the reply:
In regards to your Dirtbag Geocaching Society membership inquiry:
We are a Geocaching group with chapters across the country and members all over the world. Most geocachers join us because they have grown tired of the normal way of geocaching and are in search of some excitement while on the trail.
-Membership usually includes the following:

You are encouraged to hide a geocache(no Micros) with the title having the prefix of "DGS: ". There should be an unusual twist to solving the cache or opening the container. The area of groundzero should also have somewhat of a WOW factor. Shoot a funny short video to go with it and upload it to youtube when the cache is published. The video can be about making fun of another geocacher, music video spoof or whatever. The funnier the video, the more it will be accepted by the other DGS members. Have fun with it and show us what you got. We want to be impressed by you. Let's do this!”
                                       We want to be like this guy!dgs2
We are hoping to be accepted with one of our additions to our Cache Scene Investigator series. DGS CSI#12 HEADing to a MICRO. This cache was published on 3/22/2013. We usually have a huge FTF race on CSI series caches but due to the damn snow and time of night it was published, the FTF didn’t happen until 14 hours after publishing. That is the longest time a CSI cache has sat unfound. Once it was found, the cachers have loved it. Watch our video and see if you like it.
Thanks for watching, would love to see your opinion of the cache. I think it would be hilarious if a muggle was walking in the area and found a microwave with a head in it. Would love to see that. We will let you know if we are accepted. If not we will try again!
Happy Caching!

Contest suited for a Cacher

$3000 up for grabs. What would you spend $3000 on? A caching adventure, a new GPS, materials for an awesome cache or prospecting equipment? has teamed up with The Weather Channel to bring us Prospectors. Enter today and every day until March 26 for a chance at $3000 in cold hard Cash, not Cache. In order to enter you have to find the gems hidden on your chance to win $3,000 is as easy as a few clicks away! Each day on the Prospectors Facebook Page you will find a daily clue to help you find the hidden gem and enter the Find the Gem Sweepstakes. I watched the trailer and we are planning on checking this new show out. Balkamper13 has dabbled in gold panning and this looks just as exciting.
Happy Caching, good luck we would like to see a geocacher win. We are heading to Camp Floyd tomorrow for an event we hope the snow goes away. Will keep you posted.

Quest for the Two Millionth Geocache-Cache Ideals

We know we are posting this a bit late; life has been keeping us busy and so much has happened we need to post about. We have been teaming up with great cachers to hide and enjoy caching, reviewed an awesome book 101 Devil Caches by Ej Martin with Kurt Milligan, welcomed a new baby niece, creating new items for Etsy, filling orders, making new caching friends in Hawaii (Post to come), working on a baby shower, BMX bike racing, started Karate (our 4 yr. old), visiting Dad and encouraging him during his fight with cancer, helping friends and family move, parent teacher conferences…basically just busy life! Regardless of how busy life gets, we still enjoy a good FTF and we are keeping good records for posts to come! All of the caches listed on this post are hyperlinks so you can go to profiles/cache pages. Please take a look.
     As you all know on Febuary 28, 2013 geocaching celebrated a HUGE milestone. The 2 millionth cache was published! Like so many other cachers we had hopes of gaining the honor of claiming the 2millionth hide.
     In the quest for the honor we teamed up with two of the best cachers in Utah/World G&C Lost 'n' Found and Ryshkper . We hid a variety of caches and placed them, then waited. We watched the numbers rise and then drop and then do the same over and over again. Once we thought we were close we enabled the caches and….we were so close. The 2millionth cache was published at 5:11AM MST time and ours started publishing at 5:13AM. We were so close. Congrats to the winning 2millionth cache winner. GC46N4E Overwatch #1 (GC46N4E)  location Austraila.  It was a huge dream,  a long shot but was worth the fun and the team work was worth it all! We also wanted to send a special thank you to the best reviewer and publisher of all time, Blue Rajha.

Here is the list of our 2million cache quest caches:

Did you get the message in the Bottle about the 2millionth cache?
Fun container, the bottom comes off but hard to see. This one is right in the heart of the city and people keep trying to get it from the wrong side of the fence. Logs have been fun on this one!
2million muSTACHES
From the Original STACH (Tom) to the 2 millionth cache. This is an ammo can with Mustache Swag!
Taking a Shot at the 2millionth Cache
We had to find a use for this cool spent shell casing. So we put a log in it and called it a cache!
The numbers are rising to 2 million Caches
This is a great hide. It is outside of a Nursery so it looks like it should be there and it has been tricking a few cachers. We found a Thermometer at the dollar store, added a log book to the back and called it a cache. The first one was stolen before the publishing so this is version #2.
ammoCAN We Get To 2 Million Caches?
Straight up old fashioned ammo can hide. We have learned it is best to secure any ammo can one might place. Filled with celebrating 2 million cache stones and lots of swag!
     During the wait for the 2Millionth cache we also set up a fun date for two fellow cachers and hid 5 “Love Caches.” They were published during their date and they were able to get all FTF’s on all of the “Love Caches.” They were creative and fun to hide. Below is a list of the First Date Caches:
Caching the Love Bug GC46EYC
Fun cache, I must say I can camouflage duct tape ANYTHING! We hid this one at a church in some bushes. Some other cachers found this and a guy from the church asked what they were doing and they said they were working on their geocaching merit badge.
Glad Our Worlds' Met-Out of this world cache GC46EYQ
We put this little guy in a huge pine tree in an urban setting.
Love Nest GC46EZ1
Fun bird house in an unusual place. It is on the back side of a sign at the end of a dead end road. It is kind of fun to find a birdhouse in an unusual location.
Light of My Life GC46F07
This one is a solar light with a bison tube inside. We placed it next to a bench in a cemetery. The bench has the name SNOW on it so the clue is “A Snowy Bench.”
Cupid's Tools Right on Target GC46EZK
Found a bow and arrow at the dollar store, painted it black and attached a film canister to the tip of arrow…also secured in a tree behind a Target Store.
One in 2million GC46F04
This is a blast. It is filled with tons of film canisters and all of them tell you they are not the log…except one. On the log page we have asked the finders to put how many containers they looked in to find the actual log. Fun cache, we secured the 3 foot pipe to a tree. Don’t want this one walking away!
Happy Caching….hope all of you that stuck with your caching goals are achieving them. I have to admit I enjoy caching so much more now that I stopped my cache a day challenge. Maybe one day I will try it again but as for now, I will continue to seek First to Finds and “when I feel like caching” caches!

Only a few days left to win from IGOGEOCACHING.COM

Alright everyone there is only a few days left for you to win your own personal SWAG BAG from WWW.IGOGEOCACHING.COM

My brother is offering a contest on his blog for one of these awesome kits. All you need to do to enter is go to this link and leave a comment.
The contest ends on 3-15-13 so you better get your entry in now. We still have these available at our Etsy shop  if you want one and don’t win. Please go over to the site and check out his great blog. He has some awesome pictures and stories for everyone to enjoy. Thank you all for checking us out .

A New Cacher Is BORN!

Cacheseekers! & Balkamper13 have a new little geocacher in training in the family! We can’t wait to take this little princess caching.



Arie Auna Martinez was born on March 7, 2013 at 3:31 pm. She is tiny, only 5 lbs 14oz and 17 inches long. She has lots of dark brown hair and looks like she has that caching ability. Jax, 4 yr old member of Cacheseekers!; kept holding her and when she cried he claims it was because she wanted him. Congrats Brandon, that little baby is darling!We are so excited to welcome Arie into our caching clan!

Happy Caching!

For the Love of Bugs! Travel bug Workshop

Balkamper13-Cacheseekers!-Madambutterfly 1822
Life has finally  given me a few moments to catch up on blog posts. So sorry it has taken so long, I think you will find this event post was worth the wait.
02-16-2013 Herriman Library, Utah GC45EW3
This event had a library cache style hunt, caches hidden near by, crafts, resurrection of MIA travel bug numbers, collaboration of cachers finding a holy sweet cache, friends, creativity, prizes and above all FUN! The prizes ranged from Movie tickets to energy for the cacher and GPS (Granola bars & Batteries.) As the event was under way the prize table kept growing; thanks to cachers donating prizes. Thank you to all that donated.

The cache style hunt through the shelves of the library was a blast. Groups from 6-10 set out to find books related to caching and travel bugs inside of the library. The clues were printed on old school library check out cards and the cachers had to look at the clues and gather information the return cards with answers. One group won a prize for each member of their group.  .event0011
While the hunt was going on so was the resurrection of travel bug numbers gone missing. Many cachers sent some of their missing TB numbers into Balkamper13 and he printed replacement tags for each one, the list was over 75 long. We then made kits for each cacher to make to attach to a craft, hitchhiker or something they brought with them.
After the tags were ready the cachers were in for a special treat. We never knew how amazing hosting an event with MadamButterfly1822 could be until this event. We asked her to help us because she is so creative and puts out the best caches. Little did we know she is also a fantastic event hostess. She showed up with 2 craft projects, basket of hitchhikers, supplies, lessons and an amazing ability to teach cachers how to make pony bead crafts as well as egg shaped crafts. Madambutterfly1822 turned our event into a professional caching event.
Another highlight of this event was the collaboration of a group a cachers finding an amazing cache inside of the library by Madambutterfly1822 & Railroader. This cache was honored as our first HOLY SWEET CACHE. MomtheCook & CachingHubby are working on a challenge. You must find a cache with 100 different cachers. A large group was assembled and found the cache together. The pictures below show the group collaboration!
This event resserected about 90-100 travel bug numbers that have gone missing. It was fun to watch the creativity of all that attended. I also loved watching the logs flow in from the caches we hid near the event. Most of the logs were from groups of cachers. I love how caching brings people together.
I had to include a few more pictures and one more thank you to MadamButterfly1822. Thanks to all that attended. I complied the list of bugs at event if anyone wants it e mail me at Nice sized list. Thanks again!
One more thing, I have to admit I stopped my quest for a cache a day. I agree with the BitchyCacher when she pointed out it takes the fun out of it. I had fun at first but then started feeling like it was a chore. I might give it a try in the future but for now I am going to enjoy caching at my own pace. I am impressed by those of you that reach that goal, it is way challenging! I didn’t realize it until I tried it myself.
Happy Caching!