Day 22 & GC4KH9M & Another Contest….


For day 22 we took it back to the 80’S with Day 22 Toatally 2-bular K. It was a super cool pipe we got from Debjohn at our Christmas event. day22.4We have been waiting for a good time to hide it and this series was the best time! We hid it under a K rail under some gravel next to a pine tree. So I am sure everyone will drive up and think it’s in the tree. Today’s FTF was a co-effort by bottlecapp & the youngest member (Parker) of jecepe08. It is always fun when the little ones find it first. day22

Congrats Parker! We are so proud of you!

We know how much our readers love contests so I wanted to share another one with you from Landsharkz. They are a caching and custom geo coin site. The contest is easy to enter and we would love a LIVELOVECACHE.COM reader to win!


To enter, show them a picture of your geocaching adventures for the 31 days of Geocaching. They will draw a winner  on August 31st for a prize package worth $31. You must enter this contest with a picture, if you don’t submit a picture you won’t be included in the drawing.  They post all the pictures submitted to their Facebook page and they will draw the winner on August 30th.

Get your picture ready and enter here #31 in 31 sweepstakes

Happy streaking, good luck and we had to make our post short and sweet tonight because we are working on the STREAKER AWARD t-shirts…they are AWESOME!

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