Day 4 & Would you like a bargain with that?

     Geocachers , chipmunks, moose, men in trees, a FTF party, a bargain of a cache and a day 4 souviner….must be part of 31 days of geocaching.
     I must admit I can wrap anything in camo duct tape. I have mad camo tape covering skills especially when it comes to peanut butter jars. Day 4 GC4HTGM Would you like a bargain with that? is located behind a dollar store in a field. The easiest way to get it is to park in front of the store and walk along side of the building next to a McDonalds drive thru. Hence the name. From the field you can watch the airplanes from Airport 2. Another kid friendly cache filled with SWAG and room for travel bugs. Looks like there was a FTF party at this one. Jecepe08 & RN+Terrier were finding it when The_Simpsons showed up. I love FTF parties.
Balkamper13 & I found a cache called Just Because GC19WBM. We found it in the gutter with no lid. We replaced log and tried to repair but had to flag this one as needs maintenance. Important part is we scored our daily Souvenir.
      We should have attended the event cache, Sunday Morning Hiking Series #50 - Catherine Pass hosted by HikingSeal. Attendees hiked in the most beautiful area and made all kinds of wildlife friends. HikingSeal has hosted many Sunday Morning Hiking series events and they all lead cachers to the most beautiful places in Utah while finding caches along the trail. Today’s hike looked amazing. What a great way to keep your streak alive! I am sure the cachers that attended this event will never forget earning souvenir #4. When I asked Fire Elemental about the event he replied, “Had a great hike with beautiful views and amazing friends!! If you haven't done a hike with the Seventh Day Adventurists then your life is not complete!”
The cache page is just as inviting with the following:
“Come on out and have some fun hiking and caching with the Seventh Day Adventurists! Make a Sunday morning caching hike part of your month! Cache you there!”
The pictures were to beautiful not to share. Thank you Goatter & Fire Elemental for the pictures.
We hope you are having as much fun as we are during this 31 day streak. We did get a few minor injuries today while hiding day 5-6 & 7. Balkamper13 got scratched on the eyeball and scrapped. I pulled out a few stickers and had minor amounts of blood from a scratch. It was 107 degrees when we returned from hiding one cache…wow really sweat, blood and tears. ALL WORTH it!
Looks like quite a few cachers are going for the Streaker Award. More are in the running and we found a great post on Facebook from:
KA7EII day4.19 Although I am probably in last place, I am officially in the running to win a "livelovecache" shirt. I "wonder" if I will succeed in finding the other 30 hides?‪#‎31in31   Happy Streaking!

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