Day 28 & GC4M20Z

Our hide today was a fun one…well not so fun for Balkamper13…the shovel operator. DAY 28 USING YOUR SPIDEY SENSES is another one of my favorites. It was another Mr. Potato Head guy but this one was dressed as SpiderMan. We placed him inside a larger container and inside of an irrigation cover. Yea almost a multi, hahah! Looks like the FTF hounds were hot on the trail of this cache and Tntsnow walked away with the smiley and the FTF. GaldaGeos was at GZ looking with Tntsnow. Close race again today. Just like some of the other days there were some cute pics, I especially loved how Jecepe08’s youngest members were helping Bottlecapp look for Spidy. day28.1day28.2day28.3day28.4day28.7day28
After all of the Spidey fun we got day 29 and 30 in place and found one on the way home. It was a cache by Faxion called Buckland. It was a cute little container under a skirt. Thanks for keeping our streak alive!
The Streakers Ball is just around the corner and I am stressing, we ordered a lot of goodies from Vistaprint and the order has not arrived yet. Send good thoughts it will get here in time. We are working every free second on the event and we are sure it will be a great celebration to end the 31 days of caching. I was asked if the path tag sale from Extagz/Exmans Exchangeables is only for cachers in Utah….nope will be for all of our readers. All details will be out soon. Got to run, Balkamper13 is taking apart the stove for a pressure switch for our day 31 cache…better go stop him.
Happy Streaking!
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