Troop 1910 Earning a Boy Scout 
Geocaching Merit Badge
Geocachers are some of the most helpful people I have ever met. Whenever I need a hand I can rely on a fellow cacher to offer help, regardless of the situation. Even if I am moving alone while Balkamper13 is working, with no help, or truck in a SNOWSTORM.  Goatter, Thanks again for that one! 
     Besides giving a helping hand, there are many cachers that offer much more. They give their hearts, time, patients, skills and love to others. I had the honor of seeing these traits and more in action this evening while assisting Troop 1910 earn their Geocaching merit badges. Lead by a seasoned cacher, David Lyon and a co-troop Leader. 
     Troop 1910 is no ordinary boy scout troop. This troop is composed of 6 boys with Autism, each Scout is unique in their own level of function. With high desires to advance and dedication these scouts are setting a new standard. 
     These troops are mostly from the same area and around the same age. They each have a role in the troop and lead meetings like champions. I have to admit, I had a misty eye when the troop presented the flag and everyone echoed the Pledge of Allegiance. It really made me proud to be an American! 

      This  remarkable troop was started in August of 2014 and is the first of it's kind. In some cases, David and his Co-Leader leader work with the boys alongside of their home troop and in a few cases some boys belong only to Troop 1910. David mentioned other troops similar to this troop beginning around the state. The amount of dedication these leaders have to this Troop is commendable and they really do change lives. 

Maureen of Lv2wjChris Geertsen and Myself, Cacheseekers! were honored to help David Lyon set up mock caches and share some geocaching knowledge of waypoints, GPS units and tips. The Troop was so eager to learn and even taught us a few things. 

     This Troop made my whole week and made me stop and think about all of the possibilities we have as a geocaching community to make a difference



Thank you David, co-leader and troop 1910 for sharing in your achievements tonight! I was the one learning for you! 
Keep earning, learning and "being hungry" 
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The 2015 Magical Mystery Tour.

Still time to enter the giveaway. Pretty good odds only have 87 entries as of now. We know you want a Personalized Tile! 
Also The LootCache, GoPro Was Looted. Stay tuned for next one!

We are excited to announce our next Guest Blogger, Laurie Olesen. We asked her to tell us about herself so we could introduce her and she did such a great job she is introducing herself. 

" I have been geocaching since January 2011. A friend of mine was moving and was cleaning out their garage and they found an old "Y2K" compatible Magellan Triton they had won at a company meeting. This thing was so ancient, it only went to two decimal points and had to be keyed in! I can't believe I found anything that year! I went every day that summer which is how my two boys earned their "geo-hostage" nick names. They say I fried them out in my first summer of geocaching! geoBaby-M came in January of 2012 and has been my primary hiking buddy ever since I figured out how to hike with a baby and now toddler! I love all the places it geocaching has taken us. And since the rest of the family really doesn't geocache, I rely on my online geocaching family to share in our adventures! We are notorious for having EPIC adventures which may or may not have earned me a title of Queen of ISAG (I Suck at Geocaching)! I love big trees, wildlife encounters, Florida Swamps, and now Minnesota waterfalls. It has never been about the numbers for me. It has always been about the adventures. The smiley on my map doesn't matter at the end of the day. It's the smiley that I have in my heart when all is said and done that matters!"

     It all started with a post on Facebook. Something called The 2015 Magical Mystery Tour. A state-side, 24 hour geocaching adventure with 8 different events along the way. Really? A 24 geocaching event that covered most of the state of Minnesota? Count me in!
     I set the date and started posting on the Geo-Junkies FB page looking for riders. My van seats 7 so I figured more people would bring down the gas costs and really, the more people, the more fun it would be!
At one time I had the van filled, but on the actual day of the event, I was down to just two additional cachers, ray_gun and speedy314. Two men I had never met before but were totally up for the 24 hour challenge! (FYI...I did my homework on the two gentleman and made sure could be vouched for by other geo-junkies before the day of the event!)

      It was crazy that I was still going to do this. I had just left Florida on Tuesday at 7:10 PM to make it back to Minnesota at 4:30 AM on Thursday morning. I had to make sure I made it back in time for this event! I only had about 1 day to recover from that road trip before attempting this one!
The day of the event came and I think I was ready. Hours were spent before this day looking at maps, checking out caches, downloading pocket queries, and making bookmark lists of the different legs of the trip. I even made sure I printed off the driving directions, as well as a map of the stops, and a hard copy of the book mark lists in case my GPS or phone failed. Which they ended up both doing!
With one final cup of coffee for the road, the cooler loaded with ice, I hit the road a little after 11:00 PM on Thursday, June 19th. It was a quick 30 minute drive to pick up my two riders. After quick intros, we loaded up my van with gear, water/ energy drinks, loads of granola bars, and not only plain M&Ms but peanut ones too!
We tried to break the ice by finding a cache right outside the event site, but ended up with a temporary DNF. Luckily, the CO was at the event and we were able to get a better idea of what we were looking for so we picked up our first regular cache (GC5XT4F)minutes after the first event (GC5PBFG).

Decked out in our new SWAG from our goodie bags, we hit the road. Our first event was in Hinckley about 1 1/2 hours away. But there was a certain big fish that I wanted to see along the way. We made good time to Paul Bunyan's Walleye (GC2BBBV). And after finding the cache, I was happy that there was no "do not climb" sign near the fish. That just screamed for a photo opportunity. I am happy to say one of the guys decided to join in the fun. I guess it's a good thing that they both didn't want to...there was no way I would have made it on top of the fish in my 10 second timer on my camera!
On our way out of the parking lot, we passed another group of cachers. I said "you're going to climb the fish, right?" They said "sure, if you take the photo!" So we turned around for some more fun. By now we had gathered quite the audience outside the gas station. They were probably trying to figure out if they should call the cops or not!

We were able to grab a puzzle in Hinckley that speedy314 was able to solve along the way. We even got to visit the Great Hinckley Fire (GCJ1V1) monument for another cache too.
We made it to the event, got a photo with the host, and really enjoyed the beautiful Luna moth that decided to come visit us. While we were waiting to sign the log, speedy314 told us about a 4.5 difficulty cache that required special equipment (aka a possible tree climb). 2:00 or so in the morning? Tree climb at night? Sure! Let's go! Told a few other tree climbers who were at the event to see if they were game and off a bunch of us went to see what we could find!

     Speedy314 lived up to his name and ray_gun and I were playing catch up trying to find him in the woods at night when we got to GZ! Thinking we had narrowed down the right tree, ray_gun headed up while I provided more light for his search. It wasn't until two other vans of people showed up that someone was finally able to spot the cache. But even the best climber in our group had to admit that special equipment was required as there was no way a tree climb was going to get this one down!
Another 1 1/2 hour drive, and we finally made it to Virginia. The sun was still not up yet and we had some time so we headed off to Winter Friendly (GC40TKY)- a 1.2/2.5 cache that had 27 favorite points. 
I think that one was pretty misleading as we headed into the wildflowers and thick brush, climbed over huge boulders, and then navigated our way down a super steep hill. But we weren't able to find it with the guy's phones, so I plugged in the coordinates to my phone and we made it to GZ rather quickly. Found the cute container but the contents were scattered everywhere. Not sure if was animal, but it felt like a Muggle crime scene to me. We found all the contents we could, signed the log, rescued a TB, and made our way back to the van.
The sun had not quite come up yet and we still had time to make it to the event, so we tried for a night cache. But the cache page was pretty vague and we only found 3 sets of reflectors before having to leave with a DNF.
     We made it to the event (1 hour 54 minutes) , but sadly, there were no fresh donuts or special rolls that everyone raved about. So, we didn't stay long. Plus, we knew some bad weather was on the way and we thought we would try and get ahead of it.

We made it to a super cool war memorial (GC30EMD) right as the rain hit. Found the cache and tried to take a quick photo, but rain made not the greatest photo. I got in a nap and woke up just as we pulled into The Big Fish (GC36XVP). And let me tell you...that was one BIG FISH! What a cool restaurant.
The rain had stopped by the time we made it to the next event (GC5PBFV) in roughly 2 hours and 11 minutes. Had enough time for a quick visit, enjoy the Baltimore Oriole, and the duck nearby before heading off to find a multi-cache, Ana Bear (GC3D8Z3).
It was right about at this time that Speedy314 suggested a detour. A virtual where the Mississippi originates called Even the Mighty Start Small. (GCB286) We made good time to the park and the sun even stayed out the entire time we were at the park. It was so incredible to stand at the mouth of the Mississippi River. We even got to cross it using a log bridge and rocks!

Made it to the lunch event (GC5PBFY) where a fellow cacher (jabie28) was eager to trump my big fish with a helicopter with a smile. Picked up the cache right outside the event (GC5PBFY) and had a quick photo stop with Paul Bunyan on the way out of town.

    We had a big chicken on our mind as we headed to Fergus Falls, 2 hours and 7 minutes away. We did try and stop in a couple of the small farms towns along the way and ended up with a DNF and a find at an old town hall for our efforts.
And then there was That Darn Chicken (GC1zQBR) Turns out it was no ordinary chicken...but a giant prairie chicken to highlight that we were now in the prairie chicken capital of MN! Funny story here, we ended up running into a family that was taking photos of their kids with a rubber chicken on a stick. Turns out, the kids had stolen the chicken from their uncle and had now transported it across state lines. They were taking photos of the soon-to-be ransom chicken along the way!

We hit the event (GC5PBG) and then headed to a field puzzle, The Headless Horseman (GC3618E) . And even though I knew we had limited time, we opted to stop at Ten Mile Church Cache (GC1DVGZ), a memorial dedicated to two churches that were burnt down. It was a beautiful location.
2 hours and 38 minutes to our next event (GC5PBG2), we missed our exit. The van was almost out of gas when we happened to pass by an unusual sight. A ramp with a car standing on end nearby. I said "there has GOT to be a cache there!" And it turned out...there was! Almost on empty, I turned the van around to grab Dukes of Hazzard in Todd Country (GC4MT96).

     Still running behind I also couldn't resist the giant crow or the Corn Capital Cache (GC1T5T3) along the way. Which happened to be right down the road from the letterbox/hybrid (GC37HVZ) that we wanted to grab as well.

Grabbed a hot dinner at the 7th event and we knew we had limited time on the way to the last event of the night-another 2 hours and 38 minutes away. I got to enjoy a spectacular sunset along the way. And somehow managed to talk them into two stops along the way. One to see Herman the Germa (GC26TV3) and the other to see Calling Clark Kent (GC4FCGM).
Rolled into the last event (GC5PBG4) at 11:26 PM, just shy of 24 hours since we signed the first log. Final totals...26.52 hours on the road. 8 events. 19 additional caches. 2 DNFs. 1076 miles logged on the van. 5.51 miles of hiking inbetween caches. 4-5 tanks of gas.
     One adventure of a lifetime of memories with new and old geo-friends! 

Thank You Laurie, we would love to hear any fun stories you have like Laurie, If you want to guest blog please send your stories to 
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 Lootcache, Contest and Souvenirs!

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New LootCache is a GO PRO

Have you attended a Geocaching Event yet? 

We usually don’t have a reason to celebrate July 7th, but this year we do. With the possibility of finding the GO PRO Lootcache, winning a Personalized Geocaching Tile with easle and earning your Meet Your Road Trip Crew souvenir; Hello July 7th! We will first talk Souviner, Contest then for the Grand Finale,  we have a guest blogger from LootCache.

Meet Your Road Trip Crew

This one requires you to attend a geocaching event.  Are you one of the 10,682 Geocachers have earned this souvenir so far? This Souvenir is started on July 3rd and goes until September 2.

If LiveLoveCache wins one of the Element14 Geocaching Raspberry Pi 2 GPS Project Kit  we will be hosting an event to build our GPS. Stay tuned, winners announced on the 17th.


ENTER TODAY…Don’t forget to share any LiveLoveCache post, and then let us know in a blog post or Facebook post. We are also adding one more way to enter, goto the LootCache Facebook page and like it and you will earn another entry. You must let us know about your means of entry.  One lucky winner will win a personalized Geocaching Makes My Heart Beat Tile with Easel. Your caching name will be inserted on a 6x6 Caching tile.

Geocachers are always looking for adventure,  adventure is waiting for you, go LOOTCACHE. We are pleased to introduce the creator of Lootcache
Grant Gilbert is a 29 year old Foodie and Avid Adventurer from Traverse City, Mi. He moved to Utah in 2008 to attend BYU and fell in love with the Mountains. Some of his favorite hobbies include Alpine Mountaineering, Ice climbing, Hiking, and anything to do with or on the water. And for no apparent reason he’s single.

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Three Million Dollars in Hidden Treasure, 
Forrest Fenn 

     First. What is #Lootcache? It’s like Geocahing right?

#Lootcache is a project designed to share the spirit of adventure and motivate people to explore beautiful and unique places. We do this by hiding free prizes “Loot” and publishing a series of clues to help people find them. The prizes can be anything from great gear to cool electronics. Currently as I am writing this there is a Go-Pro camera hidden in a very beautiful spot in Utah, just waiting to be found! 
But no GPS coordinates, sorry geocachers.

Ok, very cool, now you mentioned Three million dollars?
     Ah yes, the Fenn Treasure is what gave me the idea for #Lootcache. Forrest Fenn in a collector and author who, when he had cancer, had the idea to hide a bronze chest filled with treasure somewhere in the Rockies. His memoir “The Thrill of the Chase” contained a poem will clues to the location of the treasure. Over the years millions of people have gone searching for the Fenn treasure. I certainly would like to go look for it sometime.

     So when I heard about all the people that were inspired by Fenn to go out and adventure I decided I would love to do the same thing. With every #Lootcache we have done, more and more people are getting outside and exploring beautiful and amazing placed. The real prize I feel is the experience, but for the winners the Loot is pretty nice too.

     So far all of the prizes have been out of my own pocket plus a donation of a Chrome Cast (our first prize) by my best friend who’s helping me out on the project. As more people get into #Lootcache my hope is to get business sponsorships so the prizes can be even Bigger and Better. The better the Loot the more people that go out looking for it, which is my goal. I would like to eventually have Lootcaches hidden across the country and around the world. Someday there will be a Million Dollar Loot, and YOU might just find it!!!

Currently you can follow #Lootcache on their website, Facebook, and on Instagram:
- Website (where people can register to get Loot Clues e-mailed to them)
-Facebook page (where we update people on current and upcoming Loots)
-Instagram account (where extra clues are given though pictures, plus just really beautiful pictures). Instagram: @Grant.Lootcache

“The world is a beautiful, diverse, and wondrous place to explore. Get out there and Loot it!”
-Grant Gilbert, Cacher of Loots and founder of #Lootcache

Thanks for reading, our next guest blogger is a cacher that is in it for the adventure and does a lot traveling for a SmileThumbs up(y).