Day 6 & Going Postal for Caching

GC4J0BH Going Postal for Caching earned Red Hat Granny from Michigan a FTF. Pretty impressive. I love a FTF but a FTF out of town…takes the ordinary FTF to a new level. We recycled a location near the SLC Airport to hide day 6. We had a cache in this area once before and it was an ammo can chained to a pole and it came up muggled. So we secured this one with screws. day6
It’s an old mailbox that we rescued from my parent’s yard sale and gave it a better life as a geocache.
     A Special congrats goes out to donwx45, on day 5 of the streak he claimed his 1,000th find. We were honored because he selected our Up to 20' cache as his 1000th find. I congratulated him and asked him about his selection and this is what he said,
“I have been watching this cache for sometime. I'm 68 so my wife doesn't like me climbing trees, even though with a ladder it was real easy. I guess I'm like a little boy, because I really got a buzz climbing the tree. I appreciate this game very much. It keeps me away from the TV. I've lost quite a bit of weight, because I ride my bike in a lot of the areas I geocache. So overall this has been a lot of fun, thanks to people like you come up with some really fun caches. Thanks very much.”
That right there is the reason we play this game. If you get a chance congratulate donwx45. We tip our hats to you donwx45….Congrats !
Our souvenir cache was Pay It Forward CITO: Dry Canyon by TheNightFox. The cache page encourages CITO.
“This cache is to help get people in the CITO mindset wherever you are. Don't wait until the next CITO event - clean up whenever and wherever.” –Cache page day6.2day6.3day6.4 This cache was in great condition and looks like it has been a popular one at that, we had to find a spot to sign on the log book. Great cache in a great location. We really enjoyed this one, oh and I have to mention the cute SWAG, they were hand sewn bags with grocery bags in them. Thanks TheNightFox. We hope your streak is going well. We have three FTF out of our 6 finds so a 50/50 ratio is great!
The contest for the Streaker Award is heating up…looks like we will be awarding a lot of t-shirts.  Way to go Streakers, keep on “Sticking it out.”  We had a new one join the race today, cachingrma…Just found out about the contest so getting them all. Utah cachers spread the word. You don’t have to find them each day just all by the 31st.

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