CSI Episode #10 CROSSwalk

CSI Episode #10 CROSSwalk GC40W3K

 Here is our tenth installment of the CSI series. This is one of my personal favorites. GC40W3K CROSSwalk was a fun one to put together. The idea came to us one afternoon while driving on a back road home. We noticed a few crosses off the side of the road that had been placed in remembrance of tragic happenings.I looked at Darcey and said that
would make great camouflage for a geocache. We went to a local Home Depot the next day and got some materials to build CROSSwalk. We used a 2x10 to build the box and a 2x12 for the lid. This worked out great to fit the ammo can inside. I used 2x4's to build the cross part of the hide. We also fastened the cross to the lid with some L brackets for extra stability and used a nice heavy duty hinge for the lid. We then went out along the back road and found a nice little spot about 40 feet off the road on to of a small hill. We then dug a hole large enough to bury the wooden box with the ammo can inside, just leaving the lid and cross portion visible when you get close. The hole was fun to dig (LOL) I swear we picked the rockiest area in Utah. I should have brought a pick but was not expecting the ground to be that bad. To retrieve the ammo can and log you just tip the cross over.
For added effect we drilled some holes in the lid and glued some plastic flowers into them. We also added a wreath for that extra special touch.

Inside the can we placed the foot part of the victim. Darcey even added a sock to the foot for effect. The sock worked out great because we were able to tuck the log book into the band. We had such a great time putting this one together and adding little details for effect.

Thank you for checking out our CSI #10 CROSSwalk cache. We hope you have as much fun reading about, and finding it as we did creating it. Happy Caching!


Have You Entered the John Grisham Coin Contest Yet?

John Grisham sent out 5000 un-activated geocoins shaped like gold bars to promote his new book, The Racketeer. It boasts 999.9% pure suspense, and the coins deliver 999.9% pure fun!john
We have been taking photos of our coin. We take it with us caching and log it as visited to each cache. We also try and find other John Grisham coins in caches. So far we have only found one. Once we capture our photo we upload it to the contest page on John Grisham’s Facebook page. Link Below: https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/JohnGrisham/app_166013376782265
All you have to do to enjoy the fun and enter the contest is “Upload your Racketeer Geocoin photo and you could win a Grand Prize one-ounce bar of real gold and a signed copy of John Grisham's THE RACKETEER. Ten runners-up will win a signed copy of THE RACKETEER. Winners will be chosen based on a number of factors, including originality, composition, picture quality, fun, cool-quotient, humor, outrageousness, and adorability! Each photo must only be entered once, but an individual may submit multiple different photos. Entry period begins on October 1, 2012 and ends December 15, 2012.” –Details from John Grisham contest page.  Even if you don’t have a coin or find one, it is a good place to go for ideals on pictures you can take of travel bugs you find. Owners of TB’s LOVE seeing where their bugs are. We thought we would share our photos with you…here are a few and we plan on taking more until December 15th 2012. Happy Caching!

Still Time To Win a Personalized SWAG BAG!


The clock is ticking….Only 5 more days left to enter to win the fabulous SWAG BAG giveaway! You get one entry for following us and another for leaving a comment on the SWAG BAG post. You can enter everyday by leaving a comment and we will ship Internationally so we encourage all of our international caching friends to enter! Thanks to all of you that have entered, there are not a lot so odds are in your favor. Enter and repeat DAILY! We want to meet new friends and share caching ideals we won’t share your info but we will keep sharing our passion for caching with you! Happy Caching!

Mazey Days of Fall……..GC3Y1T5

October Event….


Our October event was almost a bust due to a freak snow storm, but turned out to be a hit. We worked with a local corn  maze and had a lot of fun planned, little did we know we picked the night of a blizzard for our event. Luckily Darcey (Cacheseekers!) had arranged to have her parents bring their new Trailer and Truck to the event so we had some shelter. It was perfect for shelter and a great place to warm the water for hot chocolate, tea, and apple cider. Even though we were hit by a freak snow storm about a half hour before the event was to start, the local cachers were not stopped by a bit of nasty weather.

We showed up to the event GZ about 45 minutes before the posted start time. We helped get her parents situated and watched as the snow storm started moving in from the west. RN&Terrier showed up early to lend a hand and we are so glad she did. We had planned to hide a few geocaches in the maze with numbers inside for prizes at the event. I took the caches inside the maze to hide them just as the blizzard started. I was running through the maze to get all the temporary caches hidden but it still took me almost a half hour. By the time I was finished hiding them there was a few inches of fresh snow everywhere. We I came out of the maze I spotted Darcey with a sad look on her face. She told me that there were only a few people who had shown was thinking we might have to cancel the event. Just as the disappointment was about to set in I spotted a face I have not seen in a bit. A local cacher named Lionden came into our sights wearing a kilt. At this point I knew we couldn’t call it off and then the snow stopped. Next thing you know cachers were coming in from all directions. We had planned on serving Hot Cocoa and Cider with donuts so we had everyone meet up and get some of the treats. We had spent some time and made personalized drink mugs for the event and they were a hit. After getting everyone a bit warmed up from the great drinks we sent them into the maze to find our caches.

maze caches 

   We wrote to John Grisham and he donated 5 of his 999.9 pure suspense geocoins to give away. We placed color coded numbers inside 5 separate caches that we his inside the maze. The attendees were to bring back two numbers each from each cache. We randomly picked numbers and gave away the coins at the end of the event.










                mazey3                                                                                                   We also gave away a few prizes for the great people who dressed up for the event since it was close to Halloween. We would really like to thank the people who came out to support our event. Thanks for not letting a little snow storm and freezing cold weather ruin a good time. Thanks Dumbledore’s Army 2006 for giving coin to the newest cacher at our event, Jecepe08. We also want to thank RN& Terrier for all of her her, thanks for saving the trailer awning with us. Lionden, your path tags and Kilt in the storm was amazing, you’re a super nice guy, Thank you!

Sorry this was so late, it was such a great event we could not forget to post it..we had about 28 people despite the blizzard, Utah cachers are the best ever! Sorry for the delay, we were wrapped up with Geocacher of the month…Thanks again for the votes! Happy Caching!


Turkey with a side of Caching...YUMMY!

Give Thanks and Geocache This Thanksgiving

     We would like to wish all of our readers and their friends and families the most blessed Thanksgiving. We are truly blessed and when we sit down to think of how lucky we really are, it is overwhelming. Remember this is the time of year to look around and give thanks. We can not thank our caching friends and family enough for your belief and support in everything we do. We are so thankful for geocaching and the memories we make doing what we love!  Plus every holiday is sweeter with a find. Turkey Micro
     A wonderful Family is another thing we are grateful for. We love being part of such a great group of semi-normal people. Even though we love giving thanks with them and spending our holidays with them, we do love a good holiday cache. So here is a sneak peak of our Thanksgiving Turkey…We are hoping he will be published just in time to save a few cachers from those semi-normal relatives we could use a rescue from.
      This Thanksgiving we urge you to stop and think about the things in your life you are most grateful for and share your gratitude in abundance! Happy Thanksgiving 2012, Happy Holiday CachingRed heart

Balkamper13 November GeoCacher of the Month

Geocacher of the Month for November 2012!

      We could not be more excited to present our very own Balkamper13, aka: the Elvis of Caching, aka: Ted, as the winner of the Honorable Geocacher of the month from Latitude47 Blog and Groundspeak! THANK YOU so much for all of your votes, support and best wishes! Ted can not even believe he won such an honor. Congrats to Cschooner and Of-Erad for the nominations, we are looking forward to a road trip to see your amazing contributions to caching.
     Make sure you stop by the official announcement on Latitude47. Thanks Groundspeak and Latitude47 this has brought a great sense of community to our caching community and created a lot of buzz about caching. Congrats Ted we are all so proud of you and happy for your success, you deserve it and you will always be the Elvis of caching and my heart.


Please don't forget to enter out SWAG bag give away, info  and contest details a few posts back and we will ship internationally if winner is outside of USA. Good Luck and Happy Caching!

Extreme Caching From Reader


     We posted a picture of caching in the snow and asked readers to share any of their extreme caching tales with us and DaphM shared this story. I must admit I would have been the picture taker or the cheerleader...CRAZY EXTREME!

     "There was some Sunday Morning Hiking Series craziness last winter . . . A micro under 8 feet of snow doesn't stop HikingSeal, GOATTER, MarshallOD, and Lockjaw. (It slowed them down a bit, but they got that smiley . . . much to the surprise of the less die hard participants that day!) They dug an 8 foot deep/ 8 foot wide hole with a little shovel and their snowshoes."-DaphM
     Thanks for the pics and stories, any other readers whom want to be a part of EXTREME CACHING submit your stories and pictures.
     Thanks to everyone that voted for our own Balkamper13 in the geocacher of the month contest hosted by Latitude47. There are a few more hours left to vote it ends tonight. So if you haven't please get your vote in. The link is a few posts down under GeoCacher of the month. Our contest for a swag bag is still open, leave a comment under the Win a Swag bag post or follow us for an entry. Spread the word, you can enter everyday by leaving a comment. Thanks again, we have the best reader, friends and caching buddies ever! Happy Caching!

CONTEST ALERT…Win a personalized SWAG BAG

     Every cacher needs a SWAG BAG. Our Swag bag is full of tools of the trade, you know the items that make our great hobby a bit easier. Tweezers, flashlight, safety pin, mechanical pencil, replacement logs, SWAG, Band-Aids, empty DNA/Micro tubes. replacement Mr. Magnetito logs, needle nose tweezers and empty baggies. It is a durable bag on a carabineer so you can hook it to your belt loop and be on your way. It’s a cache repair kit and a SWAG bag in one, It has several compartments you can add your own supplies to and we will personalize it with your caching name.
     This is our first giveaway. In order to be entered into the drawing for the bag all you have to do is sign up to follow our blog and leave a comment. If you follow us you get one entry and if you post a comment you get another entry. This contest will end on Friday November 30th. You can post a comment every day to increase your chance. Drawing will be on Dec 1st and winner will be notified by e-mail and blog post. If you win, we will mail your bag to you just in time for the Holidays.  So follow us and come back everyday to leave a comment. Good Luck and Happy Caching!

Thanks to all of your votes for Balkamper13 for Geocacher of the Month on Latitude47 Blog. Remember if you haven’t voted yet you can still vote until Nov 18th.  at below link. thanks again for your support.



gee spot

     On account of the “Best Snow of Earth” Utah caches are sometimes a 5 Difficulty and 5 Terrain when they are only categorized as a 1 Difficulty and 1.5 Terrain. The weather is crazy cold and makes for an interesting First to Find race.

     When the temperature drops and the snow falls one would think First to Finds might sit until the weather improves…not in these parts. We went out after a snow storm for a FTF. We were not surprised when we showed up to GZ (“Banding Together to Find the Gee Spot”  GC4109D) and the FIRST to FIND Master, Ryshkepr was already searching the snow banks for the FTF honors. It was fun watching Balkamper13 & Ryshkepr search the powder for the find. I love how some things don’t stop a good find.

     If any of you have extreme caching pictures, we would love to see them and share them. Or if you have any stories, we want to hear!


LiveLoveCache.com Milestone

Shout out to everyone that has supported our page...we hit 2500 page views. WOOT WOOT! Thanks so much since August 30th we have had so much fun while learning  how to write a Blog. It is one of our new favorite things, especially because of all of our followers and friends. Thank You again, can't wait to hit 1000 times 500. Thank You, Balkamper13 & Cacheseekers!