Day 18 & 19 and Unveiling of SL UT DGS LOGO


We have earned all of the souviners to date. Yes even 18 & 19. Sorry for the delay on 18, we decided to go to Wendover Nevada on the 18th, explaining the delay…so bonus day you get two posts in one, plus the unveiling of the SL UT DGS Logo. The logo is my favorite part so it will be at the end of the post, saving the best for last.
Day 18…Oh what an amazing day! We started out in Farmington Utah trying to go to Lagoon (amusement park) but the line of cars to get in scared us off, so naturally we hopped the fun bus and hit Wendover, Nevada.
Our day 18 hide was published before we left, DAY 18 CSI#13 Two Heads are Better than One and Pip-Boy3000 was the first CSI on location congrats FTF.  This one was a blast to hide, except for digging the hole for the sprinkler box and heads to fit in…digging holes is hard work. We resurrected the L & L Killer from our CSI series for this one. Since the case was never closed it sparked the CSI’s to move in on the clues and try and catch that L& L Killer! This one was tricky for some, we hid the log book inside one of the heads so once you find the cache you have to find the log book. day18.1day18.3day18.4
The swag included black roses with a note from the L & L killer, eyeballs and flies. Above is Geominer having fun with the cache.
     For our find on the 18th Balkamper13 convinced me to leave the casino and walk to the “Liquor Store” with him. The Liquor store was half way to the cache he wanted to get and after a drink or three, we were off. Balkamper13 said it was 300 feet from store when it was really a mile or two, I stopped keeping track. We found victory highway and more by one of our favorite cachers, Dumbledore's Army 2006. Luckily for us the last cacher to find this was thomfre from Karm√ły, Norway. He left a geocaching trading card and cool personalized bottle cap. We were thrilled it was worth a walk in the desert away from the cool casino for this one!
We made it back after almost missing the fun bus and this leads us to 19. This was a funny one, once our caching friends saw our post about being in Wendover they were worried we would hide day 19 there. Read the cache page for Day 19 CAN you say WENDOVER? We thought we would make them panic a bit. day19Tntsnow canned this one first and then there was a rush of cachers kind of like a mini event at GZ. The logs are great reading about the meetings. Also wanted to say thanks for the cute swag Tntsnow has been leaving,day19.2
This was not our best cache but the logs on this one are some of my favorites! It was a mini trash can we placed in West Jordan, way closer than Wendover Nevada! day19.1Jenna889 with the cache.
Our find for the day was a really fun one. It was called An Undercover Cache by xjamminx. It was a 3 difficulty and took us a bit of time to locate we walked by it several times! I loved it. Favorite point for sure! I am not posting the front...if your curious go find's a fun one!

OK….drum roll…the moment we have all been waiting for. We are getting so official, we have a logo for the SL UT DGS chapter thanks to the talented and super patient STRIZA.  ……………and the logo is…


Oh yes! We are already slapping this logo on anything and everything we can. You will be seeing a lot more of it. Thanks again Striza your amazing!
Happy Streaking. We are so close to the finish line, oh and Striza hooked us up with the logo for the Streaker's Ball. Don’t forget to plan on being there. Even if you didn’t get all 31 of our caches, it’s ok there will be $5 pizza buffet and half price game cards @ All Star Bowling, (the old Planet Play) If you are going to be there mark a will attend on the cache page…need to plan! Happy Streaking!
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