FTF bug and contest reminder.



With winter on the horizon, we have been trying to get our FTF fix before it’s too cold. I know you are all waiting on the Wendover or BUSt event post. I am working on it but I must admit I have been spending my logging time chasing the FTF’s.  Hopefully will be finished today!

So it started on 10/21/2013 when my e-mail notification beeped and we were within a mile of a new cache called Utah's Biggest Cat House. We were not sure what to expect however we were pleasantly surprised with the great favorite point worthy cache by rdyklwt. He did a fantastic job and included my favorite cache traits,  good location that went with the name, Super SWAG that matched the name as well as a great container. All of the details were covered.


Another thing we love about a FTF is the “FTF event.” Often times you will run into other cachers and the encounters are worth the traffic laws that were broken on the way to Ground Zero. We were met by HaloCure, she is one of our Favorites! Pictured below.ftf10214

After using my blogging time to cache, I was planning on blogging no matter what on 10/22/2013…..that is until my notification alerted me to another FTF within 4 miles of my location. SO…day 2 of FTF happened instead of a blog post.

Small SWAG Trading Post by Tntsnow listed and we were off. I love it when the kids encourage me to go for it. Our 5 yr. old was alseep in the back seat and the 13 yr. old (McAwesome) navigated the way. We raced to GZ and when we arrived we noticed another person in the park so naturally we started running to the cache. We located it quickly and let out a victory cheer when we realized the log was blank. Another Favorite point worthy cache.


Don’t forget there is still time to enter the 30,000 page views contest… [30000%255B7%255D.jpg]

Wendover or BUSt GC4NWA7


Just a reminder there are a limited number of seats available on our EVENT ON WHEELS. GC4NWA7 We are getting ready and know this will be an event that people will be talking about for awhile.

We are working on the hand outs:


Everyone will get a snack bag filled with goodies, pop/water, I attended GC4NWA7 pen, sweet name badge, path tag (when they arrive) as well as two event icons and some smileys.

We will be finding caches by Dumbledore's Army 2006, Tweet, Chris geertzen and Bottlecapp.  “I have a new cache placed at the flying j GC4Q6NG Rodents may eat here. We also put out a easy puzzle close by GC4Q6ME Turn left here and will have a log for it on the bus and a small bonus for all that have solved it. “-Tweet

Plus, thanks to Ritycan we know if you are gambling, there is a promotion, Play your favorite slots or table games and earn 6X Comp Dollars!

Weather is going to be great. (Thank you Bottlecapp) We have had a lot of questions…You can bring coolers, bags, whatever you would like. The bus is ours and your belongings will be safe. (We are not responsible for lost or stolen items) If you don’t want to gamble, you are welcome to bring a bike, golf clubs or whatever else you would like to entertain yourself while others are gambling. If you have any questions, let us know. There are 20 seats left. So sign up today! GC4NWA7

Happy Caching!

Pre post for GeoCoinFest 2013

coinfest 128coinfest 127coinfest 126

Yes this all just happened. We are home and settled in and need to start at the beginning. For those of you that love a good road trip like we do, here is your post.

The day finally arrived to leave, we put our magnet on the car and we were off.

coinfest 001

Dirtbags on way to VEGAS….

we then arrived to the Pre Event..coinfest 004coinfest 002 - Copycoinfest 003coinfest 005 - Copycoinfest 006 - Copycoinfest 007 - Copycoinfest 009

This fun was just the beginning….wow….after this we went to Freemont Street. We took our dear friend Sean the Survivor. He couldn’t make the trip so we took him with us. This Album is to Survivor Sean


Some people think they would not make a life size cut out of themselves….I know I would after that night…everyone thought he was a Duck Dynasty Guy….sorry he is just our friend that happens to be a Dirtbag! Ok after all of that fun…you have to wait for more of Mega event, let’s just say I almost won GeoCoin Poker…More to come.

HUGE REMINDER…..in just a few days we are creating our own fun….Wendover or BUST. We hope to see you on our event on wheels. Please come see us.

Lots of love and will see you all on the bus, the rest of the event will be better, including the Dirtbag story.

Happy Caching!

Darcey & Ted


tard  This Holy Sweet Cache is brought to you by the talented Halocure & Family halocure. GC4059W is their family project. It is so important to their family they even created a Facebook page just for this cache. I think any cache with it’s own Facebook page is a HOLY SWEET CACHE.
     We first found this Holy Sweet Cache when it was a lot smaller, a micro to be exact. We still loved it because the FTF race was stiff on this one…between us and RN&Terrier, bad thing was she walked to the cache…ouch.
     It was placed on October 27th 2012. Since then it has been the home to over 79 travel bugs. On 6/9/2013 this micro grew into a beautiful Travel Bug Hotel…nice size cache. This is one example of a cache that thought it could and did!
     Halo spoke of the transformation, “the inspiration for turning it into a TB hotel was when I went to Michigan and found several really nice TB hotels that were locked and had TBs in them since they were more secure.”
This has been their family project. I also think a cache that brings a family together as a team is a HOLY SWEET CACHE. They love Dr. Who and it shows. The family just had their first path tag made and it goes with the cache theme:
Make sure you visit their Facebook page for this cache. https://www.facebook.com/tardis10tb.
We are getting so excited for all the caching fun we have planned. Working hard on caches & SWAG for the Dirtbag Geocaching Society booth at Geocoinfest in Las Vegas this weekend.
Don’t forget there are a few seats left on the WENDOVER or BUSt event on wheels. The Bus leaves for Wendover on October 19th 2013. Reserve your seat today!
Happy Caching!

SWAG, Contest Reminder and WENDOVER OR BUSt

It is almost Geocoinfest 2013 & FLASH MOB-Meet the legend DIZFIZ! We are just a few days away and we are busy making SWAG for the Dirtbag caches at the Dirtbag table at the event. We are also making SWAG for the caches we will find. Having a blast. We figured poker chips were perfect for a Las Vegas Event! I will put pictures of some SWAG ideals.
     Don’t forget we hit 30,000 page views and want to thank you. So we are giving away two sets of Caching stones to one lucky reader. In order to be entered you must comment on our posts between 10/4/2013 and 10/30/2013…so comment away!
     Wanted to send out a reminder about our Wendover or BUSt event. We are putting our event on wheels and caching all of the way to WENDOVER…then having a Flash Mob in Nevada. Get your will attend in today! There is only room for 56 cachers and we are filling up. This event will be our best yet…come be a part of it!
Happy Caching!

30,000 page views giveaway!

Happy Caching, we have been busy making SWAG for Geo Coinfest! We are so excited! Here are some previews of the SWAG we were working on…..0swag0swag10swag20swag30swag40swag5
Going to get some sleep, we are heading to Nevada to hide some caches for the Wendover or BUSt event. The bus is half full….so reserve your spot TODAY!