Day 14 & Aliens

31-Days-Calendar-ImageThis cache was abducted by...GC4JTQD was our hide for the 14th day of the 31 days of caching. We recycled an old cache location and called it This cache was abducted by…it always makes me wonder who or what does steal caches. It was a lock and lock spray painted to blend in with surroundings full of glow in the dark aliens. cachingrma was the first to claim this cache. She is on top of the Streaker Award and this is not her first FTF in this series. Way to go cachingrma, you are a true caching STREAKER!
For our find today we really waited until the last minute. It was after 11 PM when we started our search and we will admit we looked for a bit longer than we usually do. We set our sights on silver bullet by dancockayne/ varsity team 6287. It was a nice hide and kind of tricky! I love it when cachers look in the usual places and a cache is not where they expect it.That is what we did tonight!  Nice job. Favorite point awarded. day14.1day14.2day14
The STREAKER AWARD contest is still in full effect and I love the logs by some of the cachers that remind us of their t-shirt size or say they can picture the soft t-shirt on their skin. It is a lot of fun. Thanks everyone for making this 31 days so much fun!
Happy Streaking!
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