Day 3 & Don’t “Archive” this

GC4HTF: Don't "Archive" this is our third contribution to the 31 days of caching.  It is another recycled cache container. At our house and our family’s houses there is a strict rule prohibiting the throwing out of any empty mayo or peanut butter jars or anything that we can turn into a cache for that matter. We filled it with a lucky troll, caching stone for FTF and lots of kid friendly SWAG.  It is hidden outside of a Archived Record building. Fun fit for cache name. Congrats to Gotwings & Windbeneath they are the speedy ones today!
FTF within 21 minutes of publishing. This was our score for day 3 & souvenir for day.  This is the house that Peter built is the cache by bottlecap that made our day. Very creative cache name that matched location at a trucking company. Bottlecap is a new cacher and has been rocking it! We look forward to more of his puzzles and hides. We hope you are all still Streaking. I am amazed not one cacher is in the running for the Streaker Award yet. I am sure this will change.
Happy Streaking!
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