Who is going with us? Geocaching Cruise

     This is the most exciting thing EVER! The geocachers at FTF Tours have planned a mixture of Sun, Cruising, Food, Drinks, Mayan Ruins, Events and Extreme Caching. They are adding all of this up to bring us one amazing Caching Cruise. Once in a lifetime adventure! 
     The cruise sets sail from Ft. Lauderdale Florida on January 4, 2014 and returns January 9, 2014.  The itinerary is below:
Saturday (1/4) Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: Event Cache at the terminal to start this trip of right! Then, we'll cruise all night.
Sunday (1/5) A full day of cruising. Onboard activities: Special presentations. Massive Travel Bug exchange. Live theatre. Group dinner. Monday (1/6) Belize City, Belize: For those who want to, we'll be taking cachers through the rainforest on a riverboat to the Mayan ruins. For those who want to go their own way, we recommend visiting the beautiful islands of San Pedro or Kaye Caulker. The beaches are beautiful and the geocaches are plentiful. Tuesday (1/7) Cozumel, Mexico: More beaches and sunshine! We'll also be hosting another Event Cache at SeƱor Frogs. If you don't know the place, don't worry - you probably won't remember it anyway. Wednesday (1/8) Rest and relaxation aboard the boat. We can arrange discounted spa services for you. Thursday (1/9) Return to Ft. Lauderdale. This is going to be an amazing start to 2014 and we will be there. We were sold when we saw all that this trip includes, especially the search for a once in a lifetime dream cache. Watch the video and you will be sold. You must see the video, click link. Geocrashers "Lamanai High" 5/4 Geocache This all-inclusive trip also features: A riverboat ride through the rain forests of Belize where we’ll climb to the of a Mayan temple from 650 A.D. We’ll be hunting GC19505, a 5/4 cache called “Lamanai High”, which offers breath-taking views of the forests and the ruins. (Below are images of The Razza attempting the find.) IMG_0302.JPG IMG_0303.JPG IMG_0301.JPGYou need to be on this adventure and sail inside the Liberty of the Seas!  lots12.jpg

All-inclusive prices:

  • Interior Stateroom: $750
  • Promenade Interior View: $800
  • Superior Balcony: $925
  • Junior Suite: $1250
  • Grand Suite: $2000
  • Owners Suite: $ 2500
*All prices based on double-occupancy, but they do have a free bunkmate pairing service.
Deposit is only $100! When we saw the prices we wondered how they could include so much for such a great price! We are so excited and we will keep you all posted on this amazing adventure we are going to be a part of. We will be getting in shape and saving our pennies. We want you to join us! It would be awesome to have a whole group of LiveLoveCache.com friends together getting dream caches and having the time of our lives.
Reserve your spot today by visiting their Book Now! page.
This is their maiden voyage is just limited to 100 geocachers, so book now!  Happy Caching! We want to see you there!

We are in…Dirtbag GeoCaching Society

     Ted and I are officially members of the Dirtbag Geocaching Society! We first learned about DGS when Ted was in the running for Groundspeak’s Geocacher of the Month award November 2012. DGS supported his nomination and then we looked into what they are about. Many cachers have asked us about DGS and what they are. The best way to describe it is:
     The Dirtbag Geocaching Society believes in hiding quality caches. If it can’t hold two DD batteries then they won’t hide it. They want to be quality hides to the game. It is a closed group that you have to complete a challenge or be invited to. They do this to make sure members are dedicated to improving the quality of geocaching.
    After learning this, we wanted to be members. We have been long time supporters of creative fun hides and we strive to hide caches that are favorite point worthy. So we knew we would fit right in. For our challenge we had to hide a cache and film it. So we hid DGS #12 HEADing to a MICRO... After the submission we waited for the official word and we received the good news on April 13th. Not only was it Ted’s birthday but we were also on our way to the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit - Wildlife Experience  GC42F2J and to meet up with some members of the Rocky Mountain Dirtbag Geocaching Society. It was the best welcome to the Society dinner ever. They gave us some goodies:
    We were so excited to get path tags, trackable pencils, DGS bracelets and a logbook with RMD stamps. It was a such a great welcome.
     We have enjoyed our time as members and we plan on starting the SL UT DGS chapter here in Salt Lake. We have just been enjoying being new membership are just getting ready to start our chapter. Look for more to come. We have started our SWAG:
     We are going to Seattle, Groundspeak, the original stash and Canada next month so we plan on placing them in every cache from here to Canada.
     We hope we have shed some light on what DGS is and how awesome they are. We are super proud to be members. We encourage you to look into the awesome things they do for geocaching.
Happy Caching!

Saturday Morning Yard Sales=Great Cache Containers

     Have ever woke up on a Saturday or Sunday morning with an excitement to go out and find a few yard sales?  If so then you know what kind of fun we are talking about.  We love finding a good yard sale.  Good yard sales usually go hand in hand with good things for your caching hobby.
To the average person this looks like a fifty cent jewelry box shoe, but to a cacher it looks like an awesome cache. I think it would be cute to fill with worry dolls and call it “I live with the Old Woman in a Shoe.”
yardsale1 yardsale3
     Today we scored some new swag, cache containers and introduced a yard sale host to caching. If you haven't had a yard sale day, we highly recommend you go try it.
     While we were out last week a FTF was published while we were at a yard sale near the cache, so we were able to score a FTF and some good buys.
This amazing Castle jewelry box costs us one dollar and I am sure we will make our money back 100 times over when we turn it into a cache and read the logs. We are thinking of calling it “Not your average kNIGHT cache.”
We picked up the bag of trolls for fifty cents, planning on using them for SWAG and travel bugs.
This find is my favorite. This guy was a bit more  expensive and cost us three dollars. When you turn him over you can fit a big lock and lock inside for a regular size cache. We are thinking he needs to be hidden by a dive shop. Not sure what we are going to call this one, will figure out after find a location. He is going to be a favorite point cache for sure.
We hope some of our finds have inspired you to check out your local yard sales and keep your eyes open for cache containers. These containers make caching fun. If you find any, please feel free to share the pictures.
Happy Caching!

Congrats to Ryshkepr-FTF KING & after work caching

OMG this game is the best. Ask yourself when was the last time you tried to beat someone to a FTF only in hopes to win and instead you find the best cachers in the world there? My favorite part of caching is watching my son Jackson find the cache first and the next thing I love is beating Ryshkepr & his partner in crime G & C Lost'N'Found. But tonight the dynamic duo beat us. It is ok because we got a ryshkepr path tag! Congrats Ryskeper on your 1000 find. Your Path Tags rock too!  So tonight after work we are sharing some of our finds and a big congrats to our favorite mailman…..not Karl Malone! familycaching2familycaching
Tonight was a great caching night for our family I hope your night was as fun.
Happy Caching!

Happy HOLY SWEET cache/Mother’s Day 2013

 Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day and celebrated the special Mother’s in your lives. We would like to take a moment to thank our wonderful Mom’s for all they do for us and add to our lives. We were blessed to have two of the greatest Mom’s ever! Thanks Debbie (Mary Poppins) & Earla! We love you both so much! I also hope our special Grandmother’s in heaven know how much we miss and love them.
I had the best day! Full of family, picking fresh asparagus, pulling 4 pork roasts fresh off our Ugly Drum Smoker, new perfume, curlers, hand shaped flower, plant and newly decorated bathroom! Yes I was spoiled. It did not end there…it ended with a HOLY SWEET CACHE! GCNT3Y This Little Piggy
This not so Little Piggy was the best cache a Mom could find at the end of her Mother’s Day! It is also a HOLY SWEET Cache any time of the year. This amazing cache has been in place since 2005 and over 342 people have had the honor of finding this CACHE county cache. I must say I am shocked that out of that many visitors it only has 12 Favorite points….This cache deserves a 100% favorite point to find ratio! WE LOVED IT! This cache was placed by Squib-C-kers they are a serious caching family with finds in 10 states as well as England. They add a lot to the game and this little cache made me cheer wee wee wee all the way home!
This cache is 75 miles from our home and when we arrived at GZ we were greeted by this sign…
It reads Tickets Required No Visitors After Hours Caretaker on Duty
SO…after looking for the caretaker for permission to find the cache…with no luck we…
Did what any other die hard cacher would do and went for the smiley! We are not encouraging any of you to break rules but this is one case where bending them a little paid off. If this cache was closer to home we would have waited but a 150 mile trip does not fit in the time schedule so…
We would like to thank Squib-C-kers for this amazing cache! Thank You! This really made our Mother’s Day Memorable! Also wanted to share our Asparagus Harvest and the Beautiful Utah Sunset we saw after leaving this HOLY SWEET CACHE! Happy Mother’s Day!
Thanks for reading and Happy Mother’s Day!

For the love of the FTF

For the love of the FTF

    I received an email from my brother (ISME1922) today letting me know that he had found 62 FTF’s on a new power trail near his place in Green River, WY. As the author of the great blog site WWW.IGOGEOCACHING.COM he was stoked to get all of these FTF’s. He grabbed 9 late night finds after they were published and 53 more on 5-8-2013 before he had to turn around and go to work for the day. We here at livelovecache.com are stoked for him. This is a huge milestone since one year ago there were not even 62 caches within 20 miles of his house.
          The new power trail is called the  Ghost Rail to ATL series. This was placed on an old rail road bed that has since been torn up. The history of the rail bed was that South Pass was used by United States Steel to reach their Atlantic City iron ore mine. This 76 mile railroad was operated between August 1962 and October 1983. The crossing was at 7550' and the mine was at 8430'. To see more info or to view the caches you can look up GC48GHM.
These FTF’s were hard earned for ISME1922. The weather in Wyoming can be horrible and today was one of those days. He said the rain and snow made the old dirt road very slick to drive. He slide off the trail a few times and though he might get stuck many more. He said by the time he got home his truck was covered in mud inside and out. We all all know that it’s a small price to pay for the thrill of a FTF.
    On on of his slide off the road adventures he accidentally ran over on of the geocaches. It sank in the mud and was not damaged but it made it a little harder to find. For the most part he said this was a very easy to find series and he cannot wait to go get the rest of them. With the thought of over 300 caches still to be found in the series I almost want to go out and help find the rest of them. I think I will just let the victory of this run be his.

     Congrats to ISME1922 on you excellent day of geocaching. may there be many more days like this in your future bro. To all our great readers you should hop over to his blog WWW.IGOGEOCACHING.COM  and let him know what you think.

************UPDATE 5-11-13************
I just talked to Isme1922 and he has been back out on the trail to find more. He now has 141 FTF's from it. He has plans to go out and get a few more. Awesome job bro keep up the good work.



THANK YOU ALL for reading and commenting on our 7 posts in 7 days contest for 101 Devil Caches book. Your comments mean a lot and we love making new friends and followers. We have such a strong love for Geocaching and love sharing it. THANK YOU.

Now to the announcement of the winner…After entering all of the finalist into Random Generator, it computed our winner. Congrats to…DAPHM!!!

     daphm is an amazing cacher and an even better person. We have been fortunate enough to attend events with daphm and get to know her a bit. We are happy this prize went to such a great person. daphm worked hard on her comments and was creative on a few. Thanks for your hard work daphm. Your persistance paid off. We are looking forward to seeing some “Devilish” hides from you after you read this book.
GOOD NEWS! For those of you that did not win, there is good news. We have one more signed copy of 101 Devil Caches. We will be doing another contest for this copy soon. Thanks again and make sure you congratulate DaphM.
Also be looking for a new surprise…We are working on something big and is geared towards Caching Kids…keep an eye out.
Happy Caching!

What is Geocaching?

I know this is a blog dedicated to the best Hobby in the world, however I run into soo many people that ask me “What is Geocaching?” So I decided it is about time to answer the question and explain how a person can transform from a “Muggle” into a Geocacher.  If any of you experienced cachers would like to add anything, please leave a comment or tip for any potential cachers reading this post. pics off old computer 2507
Our world is out there waiting for us to explore her as well as unlock her treasures. Or as we like to call it, finding a geocache. Geocaching is the best way to be a part of this quest.      
<--------------Looking for a cache

 Geocaching has been defined in many different ways ranging from a modern day treasure hunt using multi-million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods to a sophisticated hybrid sport combining outdoor activities with GPS technology. Geocachers hide containers ranging in size for others to find. After the cache is placed it is then listed on Geocaching.com.  Each cache contains a log sheet and varies in size; the bigger caches contain items for trade referred to as SWAG. The rules are simple if you take something, leave something of equal or greater value and hide the cache in same location you found it. Sign the log so you can get credit for your efforts on Geocaching.com       Example of  Jackson from Cacheseekers! Finding a Cache. kidcaching Geocaching is all around us. It has many different levels and facets. Most people are shocked when they realize caches are everywhere. They are hidden in urban settings we pass by every day and don’t even realize they are there; from stop signs to light pole skirts. Other caches take you on hikes and some may require specialized equipment such as scuba gear or repelling equipment to find them.  Any way you look at it, Geocaching offers many benefits and is best described by a person after they find their first cache. After people find their first cache they usually have their own personal way to describe Geocaching. Oh and often times, they are hooked on a new lifelong hobby. geocacacher
 Benefits of Geocaching
 livelove PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Geocaching gets people off of the couch and the computer and into the beauty of our world. It is the one activity where you are the search engine.
 livelove MENTAL ACTIVITY: Geocahers have to tap into a variety of skills, from outdoor safety, compass directions, understanding longitude and latitude to puzzle solving. Some caches require a lot of brain power and require extra thought. Searching for the cache is an adventure.
liveloveGEO KNOWLEDGE: Cachers learn directions and new locations. Once people start geocaching they discover new place and spaces and have an increased knowledge of places they would normally not know about.
livelove MEMBERSHIP IN GREAT COMMUNITY: Being a geocacher opens doors to new relationships and lifelong friendships. The geocaching community is made up of a variety of people from young to old and all walks of life. They are an accepting community welcoming new cachers with open arms. There is no official membership card or dues.
 livelove SWAG: SWAG: (Stuff We All Got) is the name given to the items found and traded inside bigger caches. When it comes down to it, finding some good SWAG is always exciting. Some people collect SWAG and display on SWAG boards or displays. It is also fun to tap into your creative side and create your own personal SWAG to leave in caches.
livelove EDUCATION: There is so much to learn from geocaching, a lot of caches are placed on or near historic markers or places. A lot of these markers are off the beaten path or almost forgotten about pieces of history. It is fun to discover the places that created history and learn something while physically at the location. Earthcaches are an excellent learning opportunity; the purpose of an EarthCache is to share information about a particular geological location.
livelove FREE Family Activity: This is my favorite benefit. When you plan a caching trip there are no admission fees, overpriced souvenirs to buy or a need for a savings plan to fund a caching adventure. Most caches are near by. For example, there are 414 caches within 5 miles of my home. We also like to make it a family outing and race to fin the cache first, my kids love it. Finding Your First GeoCache First you need to create a free account at Geocaching.com. This is the original and most popular caching site. In order to start your account you will need to select a caching name and a password. Hint: Select a short easy to spell caching name, shorter names will fit on logs better and other cachers will know you by this name. Be creative and use something that is personalized to you. For example my son caches under the username “McAwesome.” You'll also need a valid e-mail address. Geocaching.com will send you an account confirmation e-mail asking you to validate your account by clicking on an e-mail link. Once you're logged in to the Geocaching.com website, you'll want to go to the tab, Hide & Seek a Cache. Seek a cache by address, zip code, state or country, or by keyword, GC (Geo Cache) code, or the username of the geocacher who hid or found the cache. Then click "Go" you'll soon receive a list of caches within your search criteria. Caches will appear in order of location closest to your criteria. You now have a few options from here:
liveloveGPS CACHING: follow the prompts and send the caches to your GPS (requires GPS & knowledge of how to use GPS)
livelovePAPER CACHING: research the cache, figure out clues, look it up on Google Maps, print and go search. This is how I found my first cache without a GPS.
 liveloveSMART PHONE CACHING: Once you have a geocaching account at Geocaching.com you can go to the application store and download free geocaching programs. My favorite is C GEO, but there are several available. Once you download the application it will ask you for your Geocaching.com user name and password. After you are logged in you start locating caches nearby. This is my favorite type of caching.

Selecting Your 1st Cache


When your list of nearby caches populates there will be a few things to consider. The cache page will provide a lot of information. The first thing a new cacher should look at is the size of the cache. The size will be listed in a grid under a box with numbers; the numbers represent the cache terrain and difficulty. The size box will vary in size starting on the left with the smallest box representing a micro and will increase in size to the right representing larger cache types. image
Location     Type/ Size   Difficulty/Terrain  Date Last Found Cache Name

Examples of different caches sizes and containers:

Large – This is listed as the size of a 5 gallon bucket. Least popular size but when you do see this size cache on your result listing, try to find it! These caches are usually full of great SWAG or located inside very creative containers. Usually these caches are easy to spot.large cache size

Regular – A regular is an ammo can, peanut butter jar, or other container that is about the size of a large coffee can. There will be plenty of room for trade items and track able items. This is the type you should look for on your first few.


Small – Defined as holding a log book and a few trade items. This size is usually about the size of an Altoid can or magnetic key holder and smaller than Regular size.

  Micro /Nano-This cache type is listed as a 35mm film canister size or smaller. This typically holds a log sheet and nothing else. BYOP (Bring your own pen) or Nano, so tiny it uses 1/4″tall strip of paper for log book. These are often called Mr. Magnito and they are about the size of two #2 pencil erasers and magnetic. These are HARD to find especially on your first few finds. Usually need tweezers to get log out to sign.etsygrapespurplr
Locating your selected cache / GZ (Ground ZERO)

You have picked your first cache and now on way to GZ. Once you are within 20-30 feet of the cache start hunting for the cache with your eyes. Do not rely only on your GPS, map or Smart Phone at this point. Those tools got you this close; now trust your detective skills. You are the greatest search engine in this game. Rely on your instincts and geo senses.
livelove Think like the hider; ask yourself where you would hide the same size container.
 livelove Read the hints and prior logs to get clues.
  livelove Look in areas muggles would not. One popular hiding place is under light pole skirts, this is called a LPC hide and when you find it you are “Skirt Lifting.”
 livelove Look for suspicious items, like a random pile of rocks, stack of weeds or vegetation not typical in area.
 livelove Look high and low most caches are not eye-level for a reason. After you locate your first cache, try to keep the excitement under control; do not draw attention to you or the cache location. Find and sign the log, trade items if applicable, then return cache to original location. After you leave GZ you will need to log your visit at Geocaching.com if you want to keep track. If you are paper caching write yourself a note about cache and GC# (Geo Cache #.) If you are GPS caching select found and your GPS will save the information for you. Smart Phone cachers can log the find at GZ or nearby; selecting Log Visit Option then log find. Log your cache and it will appear on your caching profile with a smiley face, indicating your find. geocaching pic This is just a glimpse in this worldwide treasure hunt of geocaching. To learn more you can attend a geocaching event, read blogs such as LiveLoveCache.Com Google the word Geocaching or just keep looking for different types and sizes of hides. You will not find every cache you try to find, but every cache you look for gives you experience to use for your next hunt. LiveLoveCache.com