Day 8 & Rolling Stones

GC4J8VB Rolling Stones is a lot farther from the SLC valley than any of the other 7 to date, about 24 miles to be exact. This one will take the Valley cachers outside of city limits. It is a fun cache with caching stones inside under some sticks by a bridge, so the hint is “Sticks covering stones won’t break your bones.”  I used my camo duct tape wrapping skills for this one! ultimaterockhounds & bossmanron shared the FTF on this one. Bottlecapp was right behind them with Jeepin'cacher close behind.
     We waited until the last minute to go out for our cache for the day. When Balkamper13 got off work we headed to a three stage multi by bottlecapp. Woodledge Park Pine Tree Cache, the Sequel! was a huge DNF for us. It was fun watching Balkamper13 & Jackson (youngest member of Cacheseekers!) climb the tree in search for stage one. NO LUCK. We will return.
     SO we hit another cache that originally was not there when we looked for it as a FTF and now it was. It was a favorite point worthy cache because it brings new meaning to the saying “Hide things in the open.” It was a a flashlight attached to a chain on a pole right in the open. It was called another flashlight cache from chris geertsen. Thanks Chris we enjoyed this!
     The race for the STREAKER AWARD took a bit of a hit today due to the distance however I know these cachers and they won’t let 20 miles stop them! Happy Streaking!
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