tard  This Holy Sweet Cache is brought to you by the talented Halocure & Family halocure. GC4059W is their family project. It is so important to their family they even created a Facebook page just for this cache. I think any cache with it’s own Facebook page is a HOLY SWEET CACHE.
     We first found this Holy Sweet Cache when it was a lot smaller, a micro to be exact. We still loved it because the FTF race was stiff on this one…between us and RN&Terrier, bad thing was she walked to the cache…ouch.
     It was placed on October 27th 2012. Since then it has been the home to over 79 travel bugs. On 6/9/2013 this micro grew into a beautiful Travel Bug Hotel…nice size cache. This is one example of a cache that thought it could and did!
     Halo spoke of the transformation, “the inspiration for turning it into a TB hotel was when I went to Michigan and found several really nice TB hotels that were locked and had TBs in them since they were more secure.”
This has been their family project. I also think a cache that brings a family together as a team is a HOLY SWEET CACHE. They love Dr. Who and it shows. The family just had their first path tag made and it goes with the cache theme:
Make sure you visit their Facebook page for this cache. https://www.facebook.com/tardis10tb.
We are getting so excited for all the caching fun we have planned. Working hard on caches & SWAG for the Dirtbag Geocaching Society booth at Geocoinfest in Las Vegas this weekend.
Don’t forget there are a few seats left on the WENDOVER or BUSt event on wheels. The Bus leaves for Wendover on October 19th 2013. Reserve your seat today!
Happy Caching!

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Halo Cure said...

I am remiss - I forgot to post to say thank you for featuring our cache!