Holy Sweet Cache & Holy Sweet DNF!

Hello friends, we have missed you. It seems like ages since we last posted and it kind of has been. We took a magical journey to Seattle for my daughters graduation and turned it into the most epic caching adventure. We have so many posts about this trip to feature. Unfortunately we had to come home and recover from all of the driving and fun as well as go back to work. So forgive our delay but we are back into the swing of things and ready to share our adventures!
Before we start we want to send a big thank you to CacheCrazy.com They featured our Adventure Maze post on their amazing caching site and they have big plans for a Freaky Friday series featuring our CSI series. Please stop by their page and check out their contribution to caching.
OK…here we go, in this post we are saluting 2 caches for the Holy Sweet Cache Honor. One is a cache we found and another is one we did not find. I would have never guessed a DNF cache could be Holy Sweet Cache worthy but we found one…or should I say Didn’t find one.
We will start with the first ever DNF Holy Sweet Cache….Double Bubble Toil & Trouble This cache has been on my list of MUST FIND caches since the day I heard of it. I have wanted to find this cache for over a year. It has
1,374 Logged Visits
Found it 821     Didn't find it 451  and 252 Favorite Points This cache takes you to the famous Gum Wall in downtown Seattle. We had a small army looking for it and on our second try we met a nice cacher named familygeo looking for it as well. We looked for hours and had no luck. The hunt was one of my favorites of all time. Listening to the people walking by making comments on how gross we were for touching the gum and better yet how bad of parents we are for letting our kids touch the gum. My little sister Swaggette was following us around with hand sanitizer. We gave it our all and I guess this difficulty 3 cache got the best of us. Here are some of the pictures from the illusive cache.
 gw8gw1   gw2gw6
The next Holy Sweet Cache is 620 miles away from our home and is pretty famous…the Original Stash Tribute Plaque & Un-Original Stach GC92 The original Stach Tribute Plaque has
8,344 Logged Visits  & 1549 Favorite points
Found it 6,854     Didn't find it 11    This is a piece of geocaching history. We had to visit the place where it all began. Below is taken from the cache page. “On May 3, 2000, a five-gallon bucket was placed right at this very spot by Dave Ulmer containing a Delorme Topo USA, 2 CD Roms, a cassette recorder, a "George of the Jungle" VHS tape, a Ross Perot book, 4 $1 bills, a slingshot handle and a pretty notorious can of beans (now the O.C.B. trackable). The coordinates were then listed on the internet and modern-day geocaching was born. The first finder of that first cache was Mike Teague who took the money and left some cigarettes, a cassette tape and a pen. That original bucket was severely damaged by an Oregon road crew mower and is no longer around. TEAM 360 and other concerned geocachers recognized the importance of the event that happened here and dedicate this Original Stash Tribute Plaque on behalf of cachers everywhere.” We had to get this one. It was about 2 in the morning when we arrived at GZ and GZ is located on some dark heavy forest roads in Oregon. It was pitch black and kind of scary, that did not stop us. We jumped out of the car with flashlights and sleepy eyes and proceeded to enjoy this piece of history. We heard things in the woods and got spooked a few times but we were able to claim our smiley! We were so close to the Un-Original stach we hiked through the darkness and recovered one of the oldest caches around. What a great memory and night! Anyone whom has not had the pleasure of seeing where it all began should put this on your Caches bucket list. oc2oc3   oc1oc7
We hope you enjoy these Holy Sweet Caches and look forward to our posts to come on more Holy Sweet Caches, Groundspeak visit and misc. caching adventures.
Happy Caching

Geocaching Road Trip is FINALLY Here

     We have been planning and waiting for over a year for this Geocaching road trip. We are heading to The Original Stash, Groundspeak, Canada and many more. My daughter is Graduating so we have been preparing for this celebration. I don’t know about you but the one thing that makes our celebrations better is, geocaching!
      Nails are done…Calling cards are ready to leave in caches and SWAG is done! Still packing and will be up until we leave.
      We have been making geocaching stones and SWAG for weeks. It all came together today and we are ready to get our hard work into some out of state and out of country caches.
      We will keep you posted and can’t wait to find some Holy Sweet Caches and explore new areas. We are leaving tomorrow after work so will be on the road most of night. SO Excited…..
Happy Caching!

Would you watch a Geocaching TV SHOW?

     Ted and I have often wondered why there is not a TV series about Geocaching. There are so many TV series that are dedicated to useless professions, hobbies and people. A series about Geocaching would be a refreshing option to the other selections on TV.  It looks like someone else had the same thoughts, Geo Crashers.  “Geocrashers” are the most extreme form of geocachers. They will go anywhere and do anything in pursuit of their target.
     When we decided to go on the FTF Tours Geocaching Cruise we were connected with one of the Be FTF guys and found out they are working on this awesome Ideal.  In the daytime, he is actually a film & television producer, and we've been working on an extreme geocaching travel show. They have a network thinking about picking up the show, but they want a pilot to see if it will work, and they won't pay for it. That is where we come in, we are trying to help by asking everyone in the geocaching community to help make their goal so they can shoot the pilot and get the show on the air.
SHOW CONCEPT: Our team will hunt down some of the most remote and dangerous geocaches in the world. Along the way, they'll learn about history, science and culture.

ABOUT US: We're a group of film and television pros who also happen to be hardcore geocachers.

WHY KICKSTARTER?: After pitching the idea for this show around Hollywood for a couple years, we've finally received some real network interest. (Seems they're interested in reaching the multi-million strong geocaching community after all.) However, they're not certain of its market appeal enough to fund a pilot. That's why we're coming to you. We need to shoot a pilot in order to get the network execs to make the show.  If any of you can help you can be a backer of this project for as little as $1. Just click on this Geocrashers Kickstarter link and you can get more details and help be a part of bringing a Geocaching show to TV. We are proud backers and hope you will be as well so this series can be made.

  Thanks…we are getting ready to leave for a huge caching trip including caching in Canada, The Original Stash, Groundspeak and many more, can’t wait to blog about it!


DGS West ☠Our Geocaches Can Beat Up Your Geocaches


DGS West ☠Our Geocaches Can Beat Up Your Geocaches


Ok everyone here is a sweet little announcement on an upcoming Dirtbag Geocache Society event. GC4BGHZ DGS West ☠Our Geocaches Can Beat Up Your Geocaches. This event will be held in Fort Collins, CO on July 14th 2013. The great thing about this even is you do not need to be present to participate and even win a great prize or trophy. The even is really a contest on who can build the coolest geocache. As dirtbag style goes these are going to be some excellent, well crafted, NON MICRO geocaches. We are trying to get as many people to enter as possible so here is your invite to enter.


    The rules to this contest/event are simple. Basically you just need to follow the Dirtbag general idea of geocaching.



(1) Geocache container size will be "Small" and Larger - No Micros
(2) Every container must be large enough to hold 2 'D' Batteries inside of the container - where the log and swag would go, while the container is closed completely.
(3) Geocache container must be modified in some way
(4) Geocache container must fit the THEME of The Matrix
(5) Entries will be on display anonymously for voting


Yes there is a special theme you have to follow to enter. Your cache MUST have something to do with the matrix. It does not matter what you do as long as it has something to do with the Matrix movie series. You can use characters, movie clips or anything from any of the three movies.

   We cant wait to see what all of you come up with. I am sure that there are going to be some awesome geocaches that come from these events. Get your ideas put together and get an entry built for this one.

lets make them know that our geocaches can beat up their geocaches.


For more information contact JCFINDER or write to one of us Cacheseekers! or balkamper13 and we will get any extra info you may need.

You can also get more information from the event page GC4BGHZ

DGS West ☠Our Geocaches Can Beat Up Your Geocaches

Good luck everyone we hope to see your entries.

Quick Hello & Preview!

     We have missed you! My Blogging computer has been hanging out with the Geek Squad but we have it back now! It is running as right as rain but I have spent hours setting up everything to the way I need it.
     A lot has happened…we have been so busy and loving every minute of it. We are heading to the Motherland of Geocaching next week so we have been ordering supplies off Vista Print as well as making the cutest SWAG!
     We have a lot to catch you up, just wanted you to know we didn’t forget about you and you will see more this week.  Also look forward to some new items on our Etsy shop. We have been busy bees!
Happy Caching!