Day 2 & GC4HPZR…

Wonder what I will be when I grow up is out and ready to be found. We hid a Wonder Bread container near an Academy. We love how the school is nurturing the minds of our future generation of geocachers. This is another easy find, we are taking it easy on everyone with the first few hides. We asked the cachers to include their childhood thoughts on what they wanted to be when they grew up. I can’t wait to find out what a few of my favorite cachers wanted to be. I have a couple good guesses on a few! Supertbone Claimed the FTF in lightning speeds. He didn’t mention what he wanted to be when he was a kid…so I am guessing for him, COWBOY TBONE!
Youth in Asia by snownomi was my souvenir cache for the day, when Balkamper13 gets home we are going to go get him a different cache because he’s already found this. We hope everyone has made it to day 2. We have had a few people commit to finding all 31 caches so far we haven’t had the same cacher find both, so not a lot of progress on the Streaker Award to report!
Happy Streaking!
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