Day 7 & Tapping into the Supply

GC4J65Q Tapping into the Supply is a fun cache placed across the street from a Budweiser plant. We tried to tap into the supply but no luck so we just left a fun cache for day 7. We made souvenirs for all finders to take without trade. We also have it packed with great SWAG and a $10 gift certificate from for the FTF. We had to increase the SWAG as a way of saying, way to go for making it through 7 days of the 31 days of caching. cachingrma scored the FTF really fast…I am  going to guess how she was able to get the smiley so fast…. she was at the “Supply house” early in the morning.  I am not sure if I am correct but one might speculate. Congrats cachingrma you are a definite contender for the Streaker Award.day7
     We spent a good part of the day making some of the 31 caches we are hiding. Making 31 log books, 31 FTF prizes and figuring out containers with SWAG is not as easy as I had anticipated. Below is a  look into some of the caches. I am not posting the Favorite point worthy ones yet.
     After preparing some more caches we hit the BMX track. I know this is not caching related but I have to share. People think all we do is cache and this is to prove we have other interests as well.
     So Dollface is in from AZ and she came to the track to watch her brother Spybot13 and Balkamper13 as well as McAwesome and Jax from Cacheseekers! While watching she decides her wish is for her and I to cross something off our bucket list and ride the track. So with a bit of peer pressure I agreed. Below are some pictures, just to prove a 38 yr. old lady in Vera Wang sandals can do ANYTHING!
     We left the track, grabbed some dinner then headed off to hide a few caches. We noticed there was a FTF by bossmanron called Look both ways close by so we headed off to score our 4th FTF in 7 days. This was a micro on a sign by a trail. Our phones were dead so no pics…sad because the sprinklers and no flash light made this cache a lot of fun. Thanks bossmanron for the hide and day 7 souvenir.
     WE HAVE MADE IT ONE WEEK….three more to go, we got this! Happy streaking and it looks like we may need a lot of t-shirts, the STREAKER AWARD is gaining popularity and contenders for the award. Thanks for reading and Happy Streaking!
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