Hello fellow die hard cachers. I hope everyone enjoyed their first souvenir today. We started the challenge out on the right foot with a FTF….that was the only good thing about the cache we went for, it was called Crap Cache. It lived up to it’s name. It seriously was an Altoid type tin with a torn piece of lined paper crumpled up (log). I should have known better when the cache page warned:
Have you ever found a cache that looks like it has been made in 3 seconds. Well this is one of those caches. Got container, slapped in a log and called it good.” – YES THAT JUST HAPPENED!
     OK enough with our find, let’s talk about our first hide. It was published without a hitch. We have awesome publishers in Utah. It is called Day 1 of 31 Cache til you Drop This cache was found quickly as a co-FTF by Waambat & daphm. We will keep you posted on the rest. We will post pics of the better hides and those in the running for the Streaker Award.
We have a few helpful hints to keep your Streak alive:
1. Have a cup of coffee (the above size) everyday.
2. Cache with friends. Cacheabating is not as fun as caching with friends.
3. Save the hides closest to your GZ (Home) for those days you just don’t have the time or ambition to get your daily cache. I know we have lots of micros in our area we haven’t found.
4. Cache at 11:50ish P.M. and then head to next at Midnight. Get two caches in one trip and eliminate two days at once.
5. Plan a reward for your final cache. Pick a cache off your bucket list of caches for your final find.  Or throw yourself a party, goto a nice dinner or buy yourself a prize. Reward yourself. A great way to do this is to find all 31 of our caches published each day of the 31 days of caching in August. You will get a Streaker Award: Shiny new T-shirt.
6. BRAG….tell others about your goal. If you share your goal you are more likely to reach it because you don’t want to tell others you quit.
     Oh and one more thing, we tried to upload a video for the 31 Days of Geocaching in 31 Seconds video and found out you have to film your video in Instagram. You can’t upload a video from any other source. So film your finds in Instagram if you are planning on submitting any videos for the 31 Seconds video.
We hope this has inspired you to cache on. Have a great August.
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