Swag Building

We love SWAG....

Swag does not have to cost a lot to be cool. We bought these bottle caps at a thrift store for $1.00 when we were on our four corners caching trip. We have been wanting to make them for awhile and so we finally did. We printed some caching pics, cut them out and put them inside the caps. We then applied resign and resign look alike stickers. They are awesome. We made some for our Live Love Cache blog, CSI series and generic Caching ones. Ted and I spend our time working on Swag together and we love our finished product. We also make sure we build SWAG that we would want to find. We are going to add magnets to some of them and leave some plain. This was another great night making SWAG for the game we love.

CSI Episode #5 HANDy Work of an Amateur Surgeon

CSI Episode #5 HANDy Work of an Amateur Surgeon

So here is one of our favorite caches so far. Episode #5 was built around the hand. We cut the hand at the wrist and inserted a pill bottle for the log book. It needed some finishing touches so we put a watch on the pill bottle over red duct tape. It is pretty handy. We then hoisted this cache up a tree on a pulley system. A tree camo bag was specially made for this cache. The hand and CSI swag is inside of a big Ziploc bag to make sure it is a bit more weather proof. The bag is attached to the rope and the cacher must use hand over hand motions to retrieve this CSI scene. Our first attempt at this pulley system failed and the cachers that found it wrote the best logs, speculating the L& L killer came back to the scene and made it difficult for agents to find. We went back to this dump site and upgraded the rope and pulley system. This cache is hidden by a hospital and parking is near the breast care center, so our logs are are pretty funny! Breast yet! You will defiantly want to check this cache out!

CSI Episode #6 The Hitchikers Guide to CSI

Thumb-body has been busy


The Longitude and Latitude killer has left another clue.
This cache is located at a truck stop where our victim got his last lift. We believe our victim may not be able to hitchhike ever again. This scene contains a thumb with a spanner tube inside of it with the log. It is inside a spray painted large pill bottle. We had a great time scouting the location for this hide and felt the location was as important as the cache contents. It is a fun park and grab. We are hoping other CSI agents/cachers from all areas will find this one. This cache also has had some fun logs. We love this series and the faithful agents that follow this series. The final will be the best!

Our First Event...a success!

Bringing Breakfast Back to Where it Began For Us

Hosting our first geocaching event GC3V80Q

On Saturday September 22, 2012 Cacheseekers! and myself hosted our first geocaching event. We held it at the Golden Corral restaurant in West Valley, Utah. We had a great turnout of local geocachers as well a Colorado cacher. Everyone had a great time. Thanks to our local reviewer we were able to get another CSI cache published during the event. Watching everyone look at their phone to see the notification and also notice it was only 100 feet away, was priceless. The waitresses were so great that after RN&Terrier scored the FTF they actually brought the cache out on a tray to the middle of the room for everyone to log.
Dollface earning 2 smileys by attending as well as finding CSI episode7, Liver & Onions.
TuxJ with 2 x's...TuxxJ making his mark on the log book tucked under the fake liver surrounded by fake onions and cockroaches. One of the onions had a paw print on it, looked like it is from a terrier dog...mmmm just saying. I am sure our dear friend Ryskepeer will notice when he finds after work. This devilish dish was one of the best dishes at the buffet.
  Darcey and I put many hours of work and preparation in to making this event great. We had magnets printed with the saying "I attended GCV80Q" and placed them inside a goodie bag with a nice geocaching addicts pencil and a few treats. We passed thees out to everyone whom attended the event as a door prize.
Magnets inside the goodie bags
Best T-shirts the Simpsons
Turn it up GBOTS
The pencils we made up came in handy for the word search puzzle we created using all geocachers names whom logged a "will attend" on the event page. The race was on and Swagette solved it in record time. Darcey also came up with a great prize for the person who did the worst on the puzzle. She wrapped up a few turnips and then told them next time they need to turn it up. Everyone got a very good laugh from that GBOTS enjoying her sweet winnings. Rumor has it Richard wants to grind them up and smoke them in his pipe.

Hikingseal and her beautiful dish towel

Swagette Winner!

The winner is...

Holding a geocaching gift exchange was the highlight of the event. We had everyone who wanted to participate bring a gift in exchange for a raffle ticket to exchange for another gift. We had a ton of great things that were brought by the attendees. Everything from fully stocked ready to hide ammo cans, geocoins, birdhouse caches, to geocaching dish towels (that were freaking awesome.) This exchange was fantastic and everyone left with a great prize, some more. We are working out details on the next one, so everything is traded a bit more equally.
Rock paper scissors tie breaker
Raffle table-pic by cacheseekers!
Loving the pink polka dots
Finally called Auzziedogs #

Daphm even brought a CHRIP, Garmin's newest addition to the geocaching world. We think Bluerajah liked it more than the pink polka dotted dish towel he won by guess the number of skeletons, flies and roaches in a CSI inspired guess game. I cant wait to see how the winner sets it up and I want to go find it. We all do.

As you seen in one of our previous post we also had a raffle for a great yard sign created by Emily and Weston, Darceys cousins from Salt City Steel. Our great geofriend Gotwings was the lucky winner of this awesome sign.
Another highlight of the event was the story of Cacheseekers! & I. We met at a similar breakfast back in January after I found Darceys' first cache hide and we then met at the event so he could give me and TJC852 our FTF prizes. After the event we went caching and then have been caching together ever since. I tell people you can find more than junk when you geo cache...I found love and an empty wallet. I gave Darcey a ring Tuesday before the event and all of the cachers were excited for us. It made this time in our life so much more special. Thank you all for the support and excitement.
I have to say that this event was one of the best I have attended thanks to all the hard work that Cacheseekers! and I did together. We are now looking into what we would like to do for the next event we host. If anyone has any great ideas or places they would like to see us host an event just let us know. Thanks to Windbeneth and Gotwings for all the neat photos.


Holy Sweet Cache#3

"All you have shall some day be given;

Therefore give now, that the season of giving
may be yours and not your inheritors.
Kahlil Gibran

Holy sweet cache #3
Madambutterfly1822 & McAwesome


There is no GC number to track this cache under, there is only a act of random kindness to chalk this one up to. I can hardly write about this cache without a tear in my eye and a feeling of love in my heart. Madambutterfly1822 has done it again! I can't even believe what she has done now. Everything this beautiful woman does is above and beyond! This time, she has made a statement to mankind. Until Sept, 22, 2012 we had never met her in person. When she walked into our event, I knew it was her and I had one of those moments in my life. You know those moments that one never forgets and always will cherish. When we embraced it was overwhelming. She was more beautiful than I had expected. It was so much fun. THEN....She asked if McAwesome was at the event, I explained he was on his way and she replied "Oh good, I made a cache just for him." Once he arrived he saw her finding a cache and he knew the lady finding the cache was madambutterfly1822, So he ran up and snapped a picture. They met and then the rest of the event happened. Once it was almost over she invited him to enjoy the multi cache she had placed.
This cache took her so much time and effort. It was all for a boy she had never met. All she knew about him was he loves marbles and just started caching on his own.

She placed this multi cache for him before the event and took Ryan out to find it once the event was ending. I could not help him find it because I was still finishing up the event, Ted tried to help but was busy as well, She kept showing him, despite the trouble of locating the coords. They kept going and the until it was solved. Acts of kindness like these prove...caching is more than just getting numbers. This cache proves there are people in this world that do for others. Madambtterfly1822, you did all of this for my son while yours was in the hospital. God bless you and know Ryan thinks of your kindness and I pray he learns as much from this as we all did. This is the best cache I have ever seen! Thank you, give and give and give...it is worth it.Your life lessons are priceless.

Holy Sweet Cache #2


Son's of Thunder GC3V16T by WJW~KKSW

OK...I was working on the CSI series when Ted sent me a text saying there was a new cache published near my Mom's house. I was at my Mom's helping her after surgery so I decided to take a quick break and go for the First to Find. It was a quick drive and went right to location of the cache. However it was not that easy. This cache blends in with it's surroundings so well, I actually lifted it up and looked under the cache. It has a security device on it, so I pulled on it and it revealed the cache. This container is the best.  This cache looks like a professional cache builder made this. I was so excited about this find, I left a log and the owners answered back on the cache page. They only have 35 finds and this was their FIRST ever hide. Can't wait for their next hide. The picture is only part of the cache, not the actual (totally awesome) container. I want to see if anyone else mistakes it for part of the scenery. Oh and to all those whom think all you find is Junk in caches...not true. The FTF prize was $5 bill. OH yeah, Happy Dance. The funny part about the FTF prize was I didn't find it the first time. I read the note from the owner and decided to retur to GZ to take a second look. This cache has different compartments and I missed one all together. Enjoy the beauty of this caching masterpiece! It is at a nice location with encouraging words on the marquee, take a second and take it all in. Thanks so much WJW~KKSW you are going to be caching super stars. THIS CACHE IS HOLY SWEET AWESOME. I didn't think a first hide of any cacher would be worthy of this feature...I was so wrong! Thank You!


Longitude & Latitude Killer Contacting CSI Agents:
This Blogger was contacted by the L&L killer 
and instructed to publish this letter.

Wow...I don't think we have seen the last of this persons Handy work. CSI agents, DO NOT GIVE UP.   I think you are starting to make him/her a bit nervous. Hopefully we will capture this L&L Killing machine!
Thanks for all of your evidence processing.  We are all getting closer to his END!

Geo Traders...AKA:SWAG

Homemade SWAG

Getting Ready for our Event GC3V80Q
Bringing Breakfast Back to Where it Began for us.

In preparation for our upcoming event, we were bouncing around ideals for our raffle trader items when I stumbled upon the pictures of our last items we made. Including candles, money clips, paper weights and trader stones. We love making our own unique items for events and caches we visit. We work on them as a family and everyone pitches in. We are building SWAG and great memories together. This is a great way to explore your creative side.
Once the SWAG is finished, the process continues with wrapping. Creative wrapping is just as much fun as the creation. Once it is wrapped, it is sure to be picked first during the raffle.
                                                We like to make things that we would like to trade for. We have some fun things planned for the event and will share them after the event. 
Keep following our BLOG and check back for more creative SWAG. 

G this is neat!

Geocaching Yard Sign

My cousin Weston and his cute wife, Emily made this beyond neat Geocaching yard stake. We were talking about making something like this so I told Emily where to find the G for the pattern and this is what they designed. WE LOVE IT! We wanted it made for our event coming up next weekend but it's so cool I might have to keep it. BALKAMPER13 & I need one. If anyone else needs one, let me know I am sure they would be happy to sale a few. So excited to bring this to event.

Holy Sweet Cache!

Holy Sweet Cache!
Next to Finding a cache first, the best part of caching is finding a cache that is well done. I love going to a cache that has been planned out and put together with care. The caches that are out of the ordinary and make people excited about caching are the caches we will highlight in this section. Postings will be random. We will post when we find a cache worthy of the Holy Sweet Cache title.
It seems only fitting the first cache to earn the HOLY SWEET CACHE feature is by Madambutterfly1822 & Railroader 921 Any cache involving either one of them is a treat however when they join forces, you get a cache like  ? Geocache Realia
This mystery cache is a must! I knew we had to go due to the description on the publishing page. When MadamButterfly1822 lists on the page "This cache is so awesome I can't stand it!" She's right! 

     Once we got to GZ we had an ideal of what the caching container would be. That ideal is not too helpful when there are about a million similar "possible containers" in this location. The next step is good old fashioned searching.
     When we went to retrieve the cache it was missing. I asked the staff about it and they were so excited and helpful. Apparently we were not the only people that thought this cache was HOLY SWEET rad, a muggle tried to "borrow" it. They were denied. I was also informed by the staff that this cache is equipt with a security device. If anyone tries to leave GZ with it, an alarm will sound. Once again, the time, thought and energy they put into this cache is commendable! Below are a few log entry highlights: 

G&C Lost'n'Found-"I was amazed at what you had done-you must have an 'in' because this fit right inline with everything else. Way to go!!! Thanks for another fun and inovative cache, definitely worthy of a Favorite. Coords were good too!! Look forward to the next one."

Ryskeper-"I have never seen a cache like this! SO COOL! SO CREATIVE! Lots of cool swag! fitting This cache deserves multiple favorite points! Thank MB and Railroader for putting out this great cache for us to find!

Thank You MadamButterfly1822 & Railroader921  ? Geocache Realia  is the first  HOLY SWEET CACHE!

 EPISODE #4 The EARrie sounds of angels

On episode #4 of our Crime Scene Investigator series we hid an ear. When we were figuring out how to hide this case file we originally thought of hanging a small bison tube from the ear like an earring. However after further deliberation and the fact we are not huge micro fans, Ted added it to the inside of a fence post. He used the cap to hold all the pieces of the geocache. Ted first glued a ring inside the cap and then attached the ear and a pill bottle using some steel fishing line. If you look close you can see that it almost looks like the pill bottle is an ear ring. The title came from the location we picked which just happens to be the entrance to a church. Hence the EARrie sounds of angels was created. It does give you an EARrie feeling when you lift the fence post to find another piece of our Cache Scene Victim.

Inside the geocache we placed a log book, some signature CSI (cache scene investigators swag), and a few prizes for the first agents whom solve this crime scene. The first to find prize was a super rare 1,000,000 bill. Sorry Second to Find, all you get is a gold dollar. The rest of the CSI agents will get Signature SWAG and whatever CSI's trade. We are trying to get every type of cache in this series. So this one covers the traditional fence pole cache.

Please help us solve the crime..and visit GC3W82R


I guess you "NOSE" another crime has been committed in the caching world...hence Episode 3. It is hidden behind a Gold's Gym under the original StairMaster...a staircase. It is attached with super Strong magnetics and fun of full Cache Scene Investigator SWAG. The race was on for the First to Find on this and the logs are worth reading. We have had a lot of fun with all of the crime scenes. We were asked where we found all of the body parts...or if we are really serial killers! WE LOVED IT! 

FACE LIFT in actual hiding location. In corner of staircase on back of Gold's Gym. The magnetic in the lid is STRONG.

This series has been a real hit in the area. Who would have thought from hiding fake dead body parts we have been able to bring life back to old cachers. Not only did we do a face lift we have been able to do a spirt lift also.  We have been receiving emails as to give hints on our next hide or asking when another one will be coming out. One person even said they were about to give up on geocaching because of the everyday normal micro in a boring area. Its been great to see people so happy to find caches again and be so excited to find our hides. Its amazing how much a little effort and a few things from the dollar store can change the way people feel.  Here are a few quotes from cachers who have found following this series so far.

"I ran out of the house (still awake since I worked the late shift) in my pj's. I was glad I was all alone - or fellow cachers may have mistaken me for the 4th crime scene - LOL!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again to Balkamper13 and cacheseekers - loving this series :D" - RN&Terrier

"Can hardly wait for the next clue to surface. Thanks and another favorite for the story line. "- GC Lost&found

 "Another amazing job by Balkamper13 and Cacheseekers! You guys rock! I have enjoyed this series so much and can hardly wait until you strike again! " -Ryskeper

Thanks for reading our adventures...more to come!  Balkamper13 & Cacheseekers!




My 500th Cache In Las Vegas Nevada

Named after my Favorite Grandmother 

This was supposed to be our post on episode 3 but it has not been published. Damn the luck! So Ted and I decided to share our most favorable cache with you. We traveled from Utah to Las Vegas to take McAwesome to see his Grandma. I was close to my 500th cache and we made sure it would be in Vegas. Ted had already planned my 500th..It was named Judy. It was super special to me because my Grandmother's name was Judee and the irony of me finding my 500th cache out of state named after her was just plain AWESOME!  Just out of happenstance we stayed at the hotel with her cache and when we searched for it...I cried. GC28Y36 Ted knew I had to find that cache at that milestone and when I did I could not even believe it. Judee passed on to her new journey years ago and I miss her every day. I also know if she would have cached with me, we would be famous. Judee was so creative and was always the best at what she did. 

 I love you Ted for making sure my 500th cache was named after Judee and God knows, you gave me the skills I am using now!  Also Judee....I wonder why you left...I think I know...you needed me to find me, I did and I found something I love, GEOCACHING!  I hope you are caching in Heaven and every cache I find I take you with me. GREATEST CACHE EVER! P.S. My Mother is the best friend and Mom you could have shared with this world...she is so amazing. Thank You! Can't wait to cache with you in heaven...where micros are a lot better than here!

Ted and I are hosting our first Event on         September 22, 2012 


We are holding a breakfast event with games, a prize exchange raffle, the publishing of a new cache close to the restaurant and coloring pages of signal for the kids. Oh and how can I leave out the prizes just for showing up. Hoping to have a good turn out. Ted and I met at a breakfast similar to the one we are planning in Jan 2012. Ted and TJC852 found the first cache we ever hid and we decided to meet up at the breakfast so I could give them their First to Find Prize and the rest is caching history. Terry likes to say Ted didn't know what kind of a First to Find prize he was in store for and Ted agreed...he says he got an empty wallet. Funny Guys! This is a sneak peak of some items we are working on for the event. My mom has been teaching me to make dish towels and they are awesome...time consuming but well worth it. Every Geocacher needs a geocaching dish towel, made with love! 
                    Geo dish towels...this is just the beginning! Prizes and Raffle exchange at GC3V80Q

CSI #2 A Mind is a Terryiable thing to waste

GC3VQ5E  Episode #2 CSI SERIES
Case File: A Mind is a TERRYiable thing to waste
Photo submitted by NVRGVUP
Episode #2 This was the first puzzle I ever did, and WOW. I had lots of help from Momthecook/Nancy, she is the puzzle queen. Nancy was a life saver and I was able to figure out how to place a coordinate checker on bottom of listing...big time for me. This case file is a fake brain placed with magnets under the CPU of a trash compacter...get it...a mind is a terrible thing to waste? The locations of theses series are just as critical to solving the crime as the containers or body parts are.  They relate.  We keep getting asked when the next crime will be committed. The logs on our other caches are getting questions about the CSI series and when the next episode will be published. This has been the funnest series ever!
 Geocaching description: Another Puzzling crime has been committed in the caching world and we need the help of all Cache Scene Investigators to solve this Crime. Case File: A Mind is a TERRYiable thing to WASTE. After the discovery of the first body part it is only "logical" that other parts are in need of locating. Use the power of your brain to solve this episode.

DUMP SITE IS NOT AT LISTED COORDS! Eye see you are using your BRAIN to solve this series of caches. This case file will reveal the operating system of our victims body. WARNING:This cache is one of the most important parts of our victim and the dump site might overload your BRAIN. If our victim would have been thinking then he might not have ended up WASTEing away. This crime scene contains a log and enough space for small traders. Don't forget your own pen and Cache Scene Investigator Skills. If you are thinking the victim in TJC852, (because of the title) he is not. Terry is one of our favorite CSI's. We just could not resist the play on words.There is a gold coin for ftf and Silver for 2TF. This Puzzle is a real NO BRAINER! N 40 37.479 Subtract 112 to get the North coords W 111 56.170 Add 10 to get West coords
Hope you enjoy. Episode #3 will PUMP UP the excitement as well as shed a tear down your FACE....du du dun.