HOLY SWEET CACHE #6 The Cache Is Out There

holysweetcache5.3 This is day 5 of the 7 posts in 7 days 101 Devil Caches Book Giveaway make sure you comment on this post as well as the others, they are located under the contest tab.
      GC46W9T The Cache Is Out There has been on my list of Holy Sweet Caches since March. This cache is a unique HOLY SWEET CACHE because it is not a cache we have found but is #1 on our dream caches list. This cache is up a beautiful trail in Hawaii. This cache is defiantly a Holy Sweet Cache because of the amazing trail and location it takes you to as well as the time it took to design the amazing cache page. It is worth a look!
     The story of this cache is a neat one. We met kailua.cat&matt when they ordered some items from our LiveLoveCache.com Etsy Shop. There was room in the flat rate box so we asked them if they would move some travel bugs for us and they happily agreed. To thank them we included an Alien Cache. We figured this was the last we would see of that cache, wow were we wrong…..We were so honored to see they included our caching name in the page as well as an invitation for us to come find it. Below are the entries on the log page:  
Helped place this cache with Kailua.Cat&Matt for cacheseekers! Hopefully one of these days they will make it out to this slice of serenity. I'm glad my neighborhood cachers can now enjoy this expansive hillside.
-Your neighborhood leprechaun-
Placed out of this world cache with CelticGuardian and MentalBill. Hope you enjoy! TFTH Cacheseekers!-kailua.cat&matt holysweetcache5.0 Picture of the cache at a benchmark and sign installed by the boy scouts back in around 2005. holysweetcache5 This Picture is from atop the WWII bunkers that are just a few hundred feet away. It is overlooking Kaneohe Bay. In the distance you can see the Koolau Mountains and "Chinaman's Hat" (which is a little island right off of Kualoa Ranch). Kualoa Ranch you may recognize. Hollywood has used the area to shoot movies like Jurassic Park, Windwalkers, 50 First Dates, as well as the popular TV show Lost. holysweetcache5.1 Here is the Cache still overlooking Kaneohe Bay but towards Marine Corps Base Hawaii in the near background. Off to your right, but not in the picture, is an island that is known as "Gilligan's Island." To see more about this amazing trail, here is a link to a blog that highlights it. One day we want to go here! http://punynari.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/puu-maelieli-wwii-bunkers/. Thank you so much for this HOLY SWEET CACHE. If you don’t have a list of Dream Caches…start one and add this one! Happy Caching …leave your comments.

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