THANK YOU ALL for reading and commenting on our 7 posts in 7 days contest for 101 Devil Caches book. Your comments mean a lot and we love making new friends and followers. We have such a strong love for Geocaching and love sharing it. THANK YOU.

Now to the announcement of the winner…After entering all of the finalist into Random Generator, it computed our winner. Congrats to…DAPHM!!!

     daphm is an amazing cacher and an even better person. We have been fortunate enough to attend events with daphm and get to know her a bit. We are happy this prize went to such a great person. daphm worked hard on her comments and was creative on a few. Thanks for your hard work daphm. Your persistance paid off. We are looking forward to seeing some “Devilish” hides from you after you read this book.
GOOD NEWS! For those of you that did not win, there is good news. We have one more signed copy of 101 Devil Caches. We will be doing another contest for this copy soon. Thanks again and make sure you congratulate DaphM.
Also be looking for a new surprise…We are working on something big and is geared towards Caching Kids…keep an eye out.
Happy Caching!
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