Who is going with us? Geocaching Cruise

     This is the most exciting thing EVER! The geocachers at FTF Tours have planned a mixture of Sun, Cruising, Food, Drinks, Mayan Ruins, Events and Extreme Caching. They are adding all of this up to bring us one amazing Caching Cruise. Once in a lifetime adventure! 
     The cruise sets sail from Ft. Lauderdale Florida on January 4, 2014 and returns January 9, 2014.  The itinerary is below:
Saturday (1/4) Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: Event Cache at the terminal to start this trip of right! Then, we'll cruise all night.
Sunday (1/5) A full day of cruising. Onboard activities: Special presentations. Massive Travel Bug exchange. Live theatre. Group dinner. Monday (1/6) Belize City, Belize: For those who want to, we'll be taking cachers through the rainforest on a riverboat to the Mayan ruins. For those who want to go their own way, we recommend visiting the beautiful islands of San Pedro or Kaye Caulker. The beaches are beautiful and the geocaches are plentiful. Tuesday (1/7) Cozumel, Mexico: More beaches and sunshine! We'll also be hosting another Event Cache at SeƱor Frogs. If you don't know the place, don't worry - you probably won't remember it anyway. Wednesday (1/8) Rest and relaxation aboard the boat. We can arrange discounted spa services for you. Thursday (1/9) Return to Ft. Lauderdale. This is going to be an amazing start to 2014 and we will be there. We were sold when we saw all that this trip includes, especially the search for a once in a lifetime dream cache. Watch the video and you will be sold. You must see the video, click link. Geocrashers "Lamanai High" 5/4 Geocache This all-inclusive trip also features: A riverboat ride through the rain forests of Belize where we’ll climb to the of a Mayan temple from 650 A.D. We’ll be hunting GC19505, a 5/4 cache called “Lamanai High”, which offers breath-taking views of the forests and the ruins. (Below are images of The Razza attempting the find.) IMG_0302.JPG IMG_0303.JPG IMG_0301.JPGYou need to be on this adventure and sail inside the Liberty of the Seas!  lots12.jpg

All-inclusive prices:

  • Interior Stateroom: $750
  • Promenade Interior View: $800
  • Superior Balcony: $925
  • Junior Suite: $1250
  • Grand Suite: $2000
  • Owners Suite: $ 2500
*All prices based on double-occupancy, but they do have a free bunkmate pairing service.
Deposit is only $100! When we saw the prices we wondered how they could include so much for such a great price! We are so excited and we will keep you all posted on this amazing adventure we are going to be a part of. We will be getting in shape and saving our pennies. We want you to join us! It would be awesome to have a whole group of LiveLoveCache.com friends together getting dream caches and having the time of our lives.
Reserve your spot today by visiting their Book Now! page.
This is their maiden voyage is just limited to 100 geocachers, so book now!  Happy Caching! We want to see you there!

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