Congrats to Ryshkepr-FTF KING & after work caching

OMG this game is the best. Ask yourself when was the last time you tried to beat someone to a FTF only in hopes to win and instead you find the best cachers in the world there? My favorite part of caching is watching my son Jackson find the cache first and the next thing I love is beating Ryshkepr & his partner in crime G & C Lost'N'Found. But tonight the dynamic duo beat us. It is ok because we got a ryshkepr path tag! Congrats Ryskeper on your 1000 find. Your Path Tags rock too!  So tonight after work we are sharing some of our finds and a big congrats to our favorite mailman…..not Karl Malone! familycaching2familycaching
Tonight was a great caching night for our family I hope your night was as fun.
Happy Caching!
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