Last Post of Contest and Event Highlights

     The fourth was defiantly in SLC, UTAH and COLORADO on May 4th. All I can say is, that was the best 4th I have ever had. Thanks to our caching family and new friends, including the sister wives aka: Smuggles.Yes we had muggles at the events, they like to be called Smuggles, I think it was because they were sexy muggles. With that said, we had boy scout troops, Workday employees, Geocaching Yodas, caching kids, retired cachers, families, BFFS, Lone Cachers, Dirtbaggers, Reviewers and Madambutterfly1822 & Railroader921. I doubt any day could get better. First event of the day was the Worldwide Flash Mob. I counted over 60 people at this event. We all met at the Peace Gardens and joined the WWFM X at the Peace Gardens
After the Flash Mob the real fun started. Before I share all of the details, let’s just say it involved some of the best caches I have ever found. Not one Micro! We then headed over to the GEOCACHING POKER RUN AND WHITE ELEPHANT PARTY. What a party it was! We are all given a card to stamp when we found different types of caches. Each cache had a stamp that we had to stamp in the box that matched the cache type there was a Cito Box, Multi 9 Stage Cache Box, Tradition Box, Puzzle Cache Box, Moving Cache Type and Event Box. This was not an easy task. We probably walked a good 4-5 miles and had some hard challenges.  After you found all the cache types you headed back to the pavilion and collected your poker cards. Once you had your hand the trading and shenanigans began.
This was Balkamper13 hiding the “Highest Hand” 5 sevens. If anyone wanted it they had to retrieve it. Needless to say no one got it. There was a lot of bartering and down right stealing of others cards. Made for a great time, we were playing for white elephant gifts. The highest had picked first, second highest picked second and so on. During all of this fun there was a BBQ and we also participated in an event in Colorado. Thank to HikingSeal we were able to chat with and watch event DGS: Yoda's Leap. It was our first streaming of an event and it was a blast. We loved sharing our events and enjoying other cachers, Thanks Hollie for all of your help! Picture of a tall guy at Colorado event at a little table. They had fun!
Here are some highlights from the SLC Events:

The moving cache was the Joker and MarshalOD was fantastic, at one point he had cachers chasing  him down to get the moving cache stamp. Others were the joker after him but he set the bar high. There are tie breaker pictures that did include, thumb wrestling, push ups and shoe & sock taking off. There was a decoy cache at the traditional cache that tricked us all, and the puzzle cache was HARD, some said evil! Madambutterfly1822 also was able to get a pin the signal on SIGNAL game from Groundspeak. What an amazing day. If any of you reading this attended, please leave your favorite moments as a comment.
This is the last post of the 7 posts in 7 days contest. Make sure you have commented on all of the posts under the contest tab to be entered, We are extending the entry date to May 7th. We will draw a winner on May 8th! You know you want the 101 Devil Caches signed by authors book!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Happy Caching!
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