We are in…Dirtbag GeoCaching Society

     Ted and I are officially members of the Dirtbag Geocaching Society! We first learned about DGS when Ted was in the running for Groundspeak’s Geocacher of the Month award November 2012. DGS supported his nomination and then we looked into what they are about. Many cachers have asked us about DGS and what they are. The best way to describe it is:
     The Dirtbag Geocaching Society believes in hiding quality caches. If it can’t hold two DD batteries then they won’t hide it. They want to be quality hides to the game. It is a closed group that you have to complete a challenge or be invited to. They do this to make sure members are dedicated to improving the quality of geocaching.
    After learning this, we wanted to be members. We have been long time supporters of creative fun hides and we strive to hide caches that are favorite point worthy. So we knew we would fit right in. For our challenge we had to hide a cache and film it. So we hid DGS #12 HEADing to a MICRO... After the submission we waited for the official word and we received the good news on April 13th. Not only was it Ted’s birthday but we were also on our way to the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit - Wildlife Experience  GC42F2J and to meet up with some members of the Rocky Mountain Dirtbag Geocaching Society. It was the best welcome to the Society dinner ever. They gave us some goodies:
    We were so excited to get path tags, trackable pencils, DGS bracelets and a logbook with RMD stamps. It was a such a great welcome.
     We have enjoyed our time as members and we plan on starting the SL UT DGS chapter here in Salt Lake. We have just been enjoying being new membership are just getting ready to start our chapter. Look for more to come. We have started our SWAG:
     We are going to Seattle, Groundspeak, the original stash and Canada next month so we plan on placing them in every cache from here to Canada.
     We hope we have shed some light on what DGS is and how awesome they are. We are super proud to be members. We encourage you to look into the awesome things they do for geocaching.
Happy Caching!
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