101 Devil Caches Book Review & Giveaway

Are you ready to win the must have cache creating book of our time? If you are not sure, read the reviews and you will be convinced, you must own this book and you ARE ready to win your copy signed by the authors by EJ Martin and Kurt Milligan! devilcache_index      We feel bad for not keeping up with our postings in April, so to make it up to you we are doing 7 posts in 7 days. To keep your interest high, we are combining our 7/7 postings with an amazing giveaway/contest!   In order to be in the running to win this author signed copy of 101 Devil Caches you must comment on each of the 7 posts in 7 days. This contest starts Today 4/28/2013 and will end on 5/5/2013. You do not have to comment daily, you can comment on all 7 posts at your leisure, can even be all at once. You need to have all of your comments submitted by 5/6/2013. The winner will be announced and notified on 5/7/2013. This is the best giveaway to date on our blog so don’t miss your chance to win: devil_cache_edit-195x300
Book Reviews:We were so excited to review this book! After reading it and loving it we decided to invite two of the best cachers in Utah to review the book with us to make sure we were presenting you with the best review possible.
Review By RN&Terrier
I found this book to be both inspirational and educational. The authors give oodles of advantageous background information for the beginner cacher. Yet there is still plenty rnstone2of knowledge to be gleaned for the experienced adventurer. I loved reading through the chapter on how to create devilish caches that will challenge your fellow cachers wit or utterly bewilder them. I have found many of these evil caches around the USA - but I absolutely enjoyed the easy to follow instructions on how they were created! This book will take you on new adventures and challenge us to step up and create even more diabolical caches .... perhaps for a follow up book entitled Hellish Caches to plague your fellow treasure hunters ;) After reading this book you will be inspired to run down to your local hardware store and get started building wicked caches!
P.S. I would implore to the authors that their next book teach cachers all the tricks, websites, and how to's on solving geocaching puzzles!! Pretty pretty please :]
A special congrats to RN&Terrier…She just reached a milestone of 6000 cache finds! WOOT WOOT Congrats! With 6000 finds, she is a more than qualified reviewer!

 Review ByMadambutterfly1822     This is a wonderful book for geocachers, whether it be for beginners or advanced. It is well written, easy to understand, and gives a thorough coverage of its topics. From it, I learned from the first 15-20 minutes of reading, things it took me over a year to learn in bits and pieces from experience.madam1 It begins with a history of the sport of geocaching, complete with a list of the equipment needed. It explains the "ethic expectations" of good geocaching, such as leaving invisible footprints, respecting the rules, and respecting the COs and fellow cachers. It covers everything from "GC terms to know", how satellite positioning works, how to use different apps on a GPS, to whatever else you need to know to play the game. The promotes emphasizes the importance of following safety procedures both at home during the construction of the projects and in the wild. It offers easy-to-understand directions on how to get registered with geocaching.com as well as several other geocaching websites which may be used for the game or shopping for various geocache items, as well as how to navigate the website and how to use your GPS device to help you actually FIND A CACHE, which, after all, is the whole point.      While all these sections are informative and helpful, the real fun of the book begins with the second half of the book on THE MAKING AND HIDING OF A CACHE, and in this, the authors excel. If you are a cache placer who has limited yourself to merely putting out nanos or magnetic micros attached to a stop sign or tucked under a fire hydrant, believe me, reading this book will inspire you to greater ambitions! Having been friends since boyhood, as well as partners in the sport, these two maniacs have both found-and-shared and created their own exceedingly evil geocaches that will leave the rest of us grinning with envy. Grinning, because, after reading this book, we will be able to go out and become just as evil ourselves. HA! HA! HA! HA! (evil laugh). With clear, precise illustrations as well as explicit instructions, 101 diabolical cache ideas are presented. Many are humorous. Others are, well, just plain MEAN. Undoubtedly, they guarantee the seeker will laugh, cry, grit teeth, pop knuckles, kick the nearest tree, and curse right up until the second they make the FIND. Then they will laugh and grin from ear to ear! Use these cache ideas, my friends, and they most assuredly will most rack you up lots of favorite points! Included among these are the crushed can cache, the chewing gum cache, the scary log cache, the water spigot cache, the fake deadbolt cache, and the bailing bucket cache, to name but a few. While it may be noted that several of the projects require at least a rudimentary grasp of wood shop skills, most do not. Most are constructed of easily-attainable odds and ends, with a very do-able assembly. This is a good thing, as my personal expertise right now goes only as far as what I can rig up with a few wires and duct tape. Watch out, however! After reading this book, my skills have gone up at least three notches! As for those readers who actually know how to run a jigsaw or hook up a current with wires, you will probably want to take some of the ideas in the book to the next level and concoct you own more complicated (meaning, downright sinister) versions. In fact, coming up with your own spinoffs is highly encouraged. Although I certainly intend to duplicate many of these ideas for myself, I am also (like many of you) the type that likes my caches to be one-of-a-kind. I am anticipating this book will become a springboard; I can't wait to see where these ideas can lead me! Hopefully, on a journey to create my own equally-dastardly devices. In short, I loved this book. I would highly recommend it as an inspiration for the future sneaky, sinfully- perverse, delightful frustrations I intend to inflict on my dear finders. I am determined to progress from a gentle lamb whose caches always fall within the realm of no more than a 2-difficulty rating to a lioness whose 4-difficulty caches lie in wait to pounce on their prey! Read 101 DEVIL CACHES by EJ Martin and Kurt Milligan to see how you can do the same! Watch out, my friends! You have fair warning. HA! HA! HA! HA! Madambutterfly1822     
     Balkamper13 & I are also huge fans of this book. When we got it we started reading it immediately. We could not put it down. We loved how it covered the history of caching as well as ideals on how to keep caching fun. Both of us are preachers of quality fun caches that exceed the micro hide. This book is the definition of this! This is a must read/have. If you can’t wait to see if you win one you can get your copy on Amazon or at Madcacher Geocaching Blog. Thank You EJ Martin and Kurt Milligan for the opportunity to review your fantastic book! Make sure you leave your comment and be ready for post #2 of our 7 posts in 7 days. We are going to catch up on some of the posts we missed in April! Happy Caching!

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